Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time to Move On with This Crud

Everyone is urging me to buck up and get back into life. "Three days of mourning for a dog is enough!" they say. Most dogs, maybe.

(I now sympathize with Leona Helmsley, for leaving millions of bucks to her poodle)

But the people saying this have my interests at heart, so they could be right. Whatever else I want to say about Amos I can say at Krazy Talk, anyways.

But what has changed, outside this tiny corner of the world? Has Obama made more gaffes, more about face statements since 10 days ago? Yeah? Nothing missed there. Is John McCain still courting the illegal vote and shilling for McAmnesty? Yeah? Nothing missed there either.

But I hear there will be a hilarious George Carlin HBO special this summer to look forward to... WHUT?

He died the same day as his being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Kennedy Center?~!


So essentially, I haven't missed a thang. Pick up right where I left off, in other words. Barack Hussein Obama, Juan Pablo McCain did this or that or another stupid thing which half our country felt outrage over.
Bill Clinton pulled his pants down somewhere.
Hillary Clinton was not anywhere nearby.
The border fence was not built.
Gays are taking over.
Muslims are taking over.
The Chicago Cubs have the best record in baseball, in late June.

This Is Hell, right? Crud.

On the other hand, I had some thoughts about birds today, among other (useless) things.
The larger a bird is-- an Eagle or a Buzzard or a Crow, for example-- they can ride the air currents with wings outstretched for long periods of time, not flapping furiously.
Whereas, smaller birds like Sparrows or Mockingbirds, or the (second-place) Cardinals must flap their wings continuously, to remain aloft.
And what's more, the smaller the bird, the more and the faster they have to flap their wings... Re: Hummingbird.

Who'd of thought that crud~! Weight is evidently inversely related to lift.
My weight and my cholesterol numbers are exactly the same: 202. I should be able to fly any day now...

Today's date was Tuesday, June 24, 2008. That is "06-24-08", using every and only even numbers, between 0 and 9.
That will not happen again until June 8, 2024 or 16 more years. "06-08-24".

Yesterday, as I stood in line at the post office to pay my P.O. box rent, I noticed the obligatory sign which read the office hours for the Talihina, Ok. post office. But the notice was for people to read outside the glass entry.

I was reading it backwardly, from inside, from right to left in other words.
And in other words, "TALIHINA" spelled backwards, reads "ANIHILAT". A phonic version of "ANNIHILATE".
The creepy Crud.

Persons in Dallas live in backwards Sallad, and lucky folks in Harrah, Oklahoma are exempt from such fun.
But as for the folks in Tulsa? They're Aslut.


Anonymous said...

Well... When I lost my pet and best friend Jed, it was the same day that my Grandfather passed. I was only able to visit my Grandfather every so often, but I was with my boy Jed each and every day.

As I sat in church for my Grandfather's service, the tears flowed steadily. But only I knew how odd it all really was. Because I was crying for Jed.

Many, many years have passed since then. I live my life, I have fun, I'm silly at times. And I still quite often think of Jed, in fondness and with great affection. And sometimes I also think of his last days with me and I still get choked up.

But these are the real events in our lives. Living, breathing, observing nature, loving the CREATOR'S gifts to us. A sunset, a blue sky, a majestic mountain. And yes, eventually moving onward from this life.

But before then, there will be time for a new friend. Never replacing, but simply sharing in the lessons of the natural world. All as it should be.

It's only when we stop "seeing" the world, that we can be blinded by the business that is Man and Woman.

Is it any wonder you find that view boring at this time?

Brother John
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

The Localmalcontent said...

BrotherJohn: That is simply stunning to me. Such honesty, such love and pain co-mingled, expressed.
-You are honored by God, by me, by Jed too.

Lessons to be sorely learned, by such events?!?