Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lost Episode of the Twilight Zone

I dream strange things often, and I never cease to marvel at how the most absurd thing or series of events inside dreams always seems so logical and perfectly understandable.

So I am going to a new job in a huge warehouse. My job as I understand it, is to make this one single woman do the exact same series of actions every day. She shops in a "mall" every day, buys the same dress every day.

Behind the scenes, a small army of people are employed to ensure that this woman experiences the very same events, every day.

But I''m new on the job, learning the ropes, and well, I screw up the works, and frighten the woman into doing a different thing from her OCD routine. She panics and runs and hides, and well, that throws everyone else's job of being an actor for her daily scheme off. Now everyone's panicing, the woman is nowhere to be found, and it's my fault.

I find the woman hiding behind a long rack of identical dresses in only one size, hers, trembling at the interruption of her daily mundane ritual. I grab her to tell her that every thing is OK, but almost as quickly, some big guys grab me as well, whisking me away to another part of the huge movie lot, and explaining to me that all of us are employed there to make that one woman happy, and all that woman wants to do is live the same day doing the same things, over and over again, in identically the same way.
Two men who were holding me admit to the "boss", that neither of them had told me the whole story earlier.

I awaken startled at this- a reminder that we are all employed to make that one woman happy.
Sort of an errie, dreamy mixture of two recent movies "Groundhog Day" and "The Truman Show", with a Rod Serling twist.

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