Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lounge of The Flies

"Maybe there is a beast....maybe it's only us."

After three evenings of rain around here in the past four nights, the humidity is so high and unbearable outside, that even the flies and other insects want to come inside. Somehow, my house is filled with flies this afternoon. Every time I open either door here, another cajillion fly inside... that's the worst mistake they ever made, because I am not a fly-guy, inside my castle here. Wielding a flyswatter like Ted Williams, Babe Ruth or Albert Pujols would with a baseball bat, I am the sultan of swat in here this week. There are dead flies on the kitchen floor, in the window sills. The ones which get smeared get a Kleenex and a watery send off; these others get to dry out and await the vacuum cleaner, looking like little sows, with heads on pikes... a warning to the others.

Oh, good. Starting to sprinkle again.

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GRANNY said...

I have no a.c. here at home. Wishing for rain but not it's aftermath. It gets unbarebly (<--is that how you spell it) HOT here.