Thursday, July 31, 2008

Midnight August Fireworks - UPDATE

The sad, sad show begins at one minute past midnight, local time.
Soon thereafter, the county sheriff's deputies will come, and likely
drag an old, crazy woman out of her house, dumping her onto the street.

Deserved? OH, HELL YES. Sad, nevertheless.
My crazy neighbor Wanda (see numerous references of her at my other bloggie Krazy Talk from Krazy Town), is being evicted again, from her house.

Wanda is 77. And has chosen to be such a sour, angry, vindictive, wicked person ever since I've known her, even her children will not come visit her.
The final straw came in April or May, when she fired her shotgun at new neighbors, renters, weekenders to lake Sardis, from Paris, Texas. No, no injuries, but reason, logic and law prevail where the world according to Wanda once was overbearingly dominant.

Unstable at best, and in severe need of constant medical care always, she was able to talk her way out of every tight spot she found herself in, by sheer time consumption. Until her eviction hearing, July 16, when she finally ran out of ammunition in a court of law, not a court of Wanda. (I advised the landlord to simply let Wanda ramble, on the witness stand, thereby hanging herself. I was told by witnesses that it was far worse, and much funnier than expected.)

So I will set up my lawnchair to watch the landlord, the deputies probably drag Wanda out of her front door screaming and caterwauling, to her car, and banish her to wherever.

Elsewhere. Again.
(this from the woman who dared to cuss0ut our Creator, for not bending to Her Will)

Ehhh, life and times.
At about 12:15, two cars rolled into Wanda's driveway, one with two Latimer Co. deputies, the other with three Choctaw Nation policemen. When the latter saw me in their flashlight beams, I waved at them, as they prepared to carry out their orders.
Wanda refused to open the front door, the men and she talking loudly enough for me to hear all from across the road.
Three of the men then removed and held their service handguns. "Stand back away from the door, Ms. Harmon, we are entering this house," one man said, as he kicked open the door, likely ruining the doorknob I installed for Wanda this spring. The door I was asked to jimmy open twice, when Wanda locked herself out since.
The men removed the occupant of the home with dignity, escorting Wanda to her car. Another two men carried out suitcases; way too few to hold all that woman's possessions.
With Wanda behind the wheel, she tore out of her driveway, down the road, then heading south toward Clayton, Oklahoma, still escorted by the Choctaw Policemen, into the humid night.
When I left there, heading back north toward home, I saw an EMS ambulance idling along the shoulder of Highway 2.


Abouna said...

Isn't there a nice, safe and warm padded cell somewhere for Wanda?

While you are watching from your lawn chair, perhaps you can whistle the tune to an old song I heard as kid, title "Their coming to take me away Ha,Ha, their coming to take me away Ho,Ho, to the funny farm"

The Localmalcontent said...

She has been accepted by Choctaw Housing, to THREE different locations/apartments, I know for a fact!, yet Wanda refused them all, for reasons she considered important.

Then when in court, she claimed that Choctaw Housing turned her down.

Matthew 7:7. A.S.K.
Buddhist karma.

She's asked for all this herself, building up to what, minutes from now, no one knows.

Anonymous said...

While whistling (humor is a wonderful thing), you might also want to include a prayer for all the troubled souls of our world.

Your Matthew quote reminded me of a recent Creative Endeavors post which (around the half way point), discusses the consequences of not Asking, not Seeking, and not Knocking. I thought it was very thought provoking.

Brother John
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

crazy4danes said...

Wow...poor Wanda has created quite a world for herself hasn't she? I hope at some point she realizes that she has created the misery around one but her can change it either.

Abouna said...

Well, I do hope and pray that Wanda will find peace, but she will have to find God first. I wish her the best.