Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Murder, Most Fowl

Tonight, I witnessed something that I've never seen before, and considering the players,
that is saying something.

The (Crime?) Scene: I was finishing up mowing/weedeating the lawn of an injured, good friend's property tonight, north of my home here in Yanush.

Looking to my east, as I stopped to wipe the sweat once again from my brow, I saw the murder.
Exactly what I saw was this: A swirling group of crows. flying in a circular formation, about 22 or so by my count, around 100 feet off the ground, looking much like a crow tornado.

I've never, ever seen crows act like these did. These birds looked like circling buzzards or red hawks over carrion; however, this grouping, called a 'murder', was sweeping to the north instead of circling directly over their next scavenger meal.

It Was Awesome.

Simple, in that it may have been, may have meant no more than a cylindrical-shaped, slowly orbiting swarm of birds in a love fest;
or Complex, in some silent, unknown ritual known only by crows and by God.

It Was Awesome. And I felt privileged seeing their private dance.
Not unlike Edgar Allen Poe, upon a midnight dreary, once.


Abouna said...

Isn't wonderful, when once in a great while, we mere mortals are offered a glimpse into some of nature's secrets that our Loving Creator has deigned.

crazy4danes said...

Again you write so well I can see it in my mind's eye! What an awesome sight that must have been! :)

The Localmalcontent said...

Why thank you, C4D! you're so kind. It was so unusual.