Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sorry About That, T-Rex

The mountains where I live are said by some to be evidence of the massive asteroid hit, 65 million years ago, that turned out the lights on the dinosaurs.

That estimated 5-mile-wide asteroid is thought to have hit the Yucatan peninsula of eastern Mexico.

Google Maps gives a Creator's Eye view of the rounded, Earthen ripples, the "pushed up" nature of these ancient mountains and deep, narrow valleys.
I've heard it said also, that these mountains are the only East-West aligned range in America. Unsure about that claim.... still, the highest mountains between the Rockies and the Alleghenies.


crazy4danes said...

Wow! That's amazing! And come to think of it I really don't know of any other east to west aligning mountain ranges! Can you even imagine a 5 mile asteroid!!! Hello and Goodbye! LOL :D

The Localmalcontent said...

"Good-night, Gracie Gigantithonasaurous", huh?