Monday, July 21, 2008


This Is Such An Emotional High I'm Riding,
against which I cannot compare.

I haven't slept since Friday night, I'm not sleepy now, Sunday night, and
I have to drive/work in Northeast Oklahoma tomorrow!! in like 4 hours from now.


LISTEN-- I want to thank the few and the many of you, who charm my life so,
by considering me and my bloggie to be worth reading here.
I Love You All, and more than anything
I want to meet you all in person, to say "Wow, Thanks, and How Are You?"

Somehow, I want to assure you that I AM sincerely interested in your lives, on points more mundane yet still personal than simply electronically, here on the Information Superhighway.

It is most likely, that I will have the pleasure of meeting other Okies first, this September at the Oklahoma Bloggers annual meeting/beer bust/gossip fence/swap meet-- where it will be my extreme pleasure to meet and dine with Charles, Don and Mike, and my Liberal, Okie components, Kurt and James-- the mutual respect of whom is both well defined and well considered -- I enjoy and respect our philosophical, political arguments;

And to Abouna, Father Gregori (my first friend) and to Missionaries Clinton and Rita and to "Bareheaded in Biloxi", my closest electronic Friend, Hatless: It is my intention to look all of you in the eyes, to shake hands in solid friendship, soon.
To Zeelah and to Jon, friends across the world who have been blessings to me,

Thank You So, So Much for your wishes for our wedding, our marriage.

To Amos, I'm so profoundly sorry you are not here to share this joy, my happiness.

My betrothed, Leticia, insisted two months ago, that I should update my photograph here on The Local Malcontent--- and so I did, giving my name, also-- against my better judgement, from fears of illegal immigrant or Jihadist reprisal from the south----

Now I will urge her to allow adding hers here; although her extreme beauty may cause some computer Monitors to shatter... LOL
Give me a day to recover, and concentrate on work again, wipe away my tears of joy, & then to sleep,,,,
and I will post all the happenings of Saturday, July 19th.

~My Best~!! to you all, with love and with thanks,
your LMC


Jungle Mom said...


Abouna said...

Get some rest my dear friend, get some rest for you have a glorious future to behold. And don't worry, Amos will be right there beside you on your wedding day just as he is today.

I know that God is looking down upon you and Leti and smiling brightly upon you. All of your doubts, misgivings and worries of the past are now behind you.

God bless.

zeelah said...

Hi again.. When is the big day..? Don' forget to post some of your weeding pictures..hehe

The Localmalcontent said...

Yes, some rest would be good right now- but maybe on Thursday... or next Monday possibly.

thanks for the many fond wishes, Abouna, you are so special to me.

Yes!! you heard it here, first, We've set a date. Details to follow.