Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's All That Help You Promised?

Where are Bill and Hillary Clinton these days?
Not on any campaign trail supporting Hizz majesty, Barack, that I can see.

And that is particularly disturbing, in a most disturbing way.

I now find myself, as do other conservatives,
supporting the Clitno-- sorry, my bad-the Clintons, in their non-support of the Great and Powerful Ozbama.

Never you mind where Bill is... you don't want to know. But where is Mrs. Bill, the co-schemer ? Is Hillary preparing the convention speech which will top Bill's 2-hour stem-winder speech in 1988? If so, set your clocks especially, to miss that one.
Is she plotting the final dagger stab into the black/white heart of Mr. Obama, as only a Clinton can?

That would be kinda fun to watch, I think. (I once saw one snake eating another in my parents' garage. That's an "analogy".)

Remember Chris Dodd? Remember Gov. Richardson? Remember Lil' Johnny Edwards? Remember the other kook Democrats on those debate stages? Where are they now, and why do they Not stump for Barack Obama?

How many are in their own struggles to keep their namby-pamby high posts, and staying far away from Hizzhoner Obammer?

My God, I'm Rooting for Hillary Clinton...............
....... I need Prozac. BAD.

What the media will not point out, what the media will not say is that NO big name Demo will, or is, actively supporting the moron Obama. They all see him, Barack Hussein Obama, as the anchor weighing down their already leaky boat, in every single angle from which they view him.
other than the ditzy Pelosi, and the daffy Reid (and they have to toe their party's line), there are none.

FROM CHICAGO, for heaven's sake?

So, here and now, I publicly and openly say,
"'Thank you, Hillary!' for what you are about to do."

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