Monday, August 18, 2008

Abouna's New Address

From the distressing e-mail I just received:

Due to having had my computer hacked and infected, which caused it to crash on Saturday, I am NO LONGER able to log into my blog "From the Mind of Abouna". My blog can still be accessed on the internet, but I cannot post anything. Since Blog Spot seems unable to fix the problem, I have had to open a new account and start a new blog. You can reach it at:

I hope you will all continue to visit with Munchkin and me there. Thank you.

Some people are so desperate to have other's freedom of speech and expression silenced, to promote their own threatening agenda, they stoop to this level: Hacking and infecting the computer and the blog of a Priest~!


Not in any attempt to spread an unproven rumor here, but 10 days ago or so, I also had trouble accessing seven particular blogs and commercial sites, and feared that I had downloaded a virus. And one friend related that Obama supporters were hunting down conservative blogs, then complaining to Google that the blogs were filled with "hate speech".
It turned out to be the SiteMeter glitch, as accurately reported by Mr. Hill.
That simple explanation, however, doesn't rule out the former from happening...

it seems that Abouna and Munchkin were targeted. So sorry Father~!

Change all your links right now, over to Abouna's new place, before you forget.


Don Smith said...

"He maketh it to rain on the just and the unjust." Bad things often happen to good people, that is the way it goes some times. I too got nailed on Saturday, that is the reason I only posted one time yesterday, I was in here trying to do damage control again.

This time they took out my screen saver, my keyboard, background settings, mouse the whole nine yards. I got it off my "own site" which really added to the frustration. The last time they took out all my widgets and then for fun, messed up the entire site. Took about five hours to put it back together.

This time it was considerable, about ten hours to get it back in 85% of what it used to be. I have the new screen saver (downloaded one from the net) and I managed to get the cordless keyboard up and running, but the mouse is toast. No more wireless mouse, I had to go back to the old one.

I don't know if it is a freedom of speech issue or not, but what I do know is it is a pain, and there are times I actually lie in my bed and wonder to myself ... Is any of this, really worth it.

OkieDoke is back, he posted something over the weekend, I guess.


The Localmalcontent said...

Your comment is worthy of adding to the body of this post, D.S.

So sorry that you got nailed as well.