Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The 'Ad' Insult To Injury News

I remember fondly this funny bit from "The Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson".

Johnny would claim that some billboard ads were seen while being replaced with another, but in between getting up all of the new message, the old advert and the new one conflicted, and with hilarious results.

--The billboards must have been only in the minds' of his comedy writers...

Something like (Old Sign): "Brush Your Breath, Brush Your Breath, Brush Your Breath With
(New Sign) Preparation H
Carson's Comedy Gold...!

But just now, on KRMG radio, while listening to Limbaugh for our marching orders, the 12:30 news update was this:

"Tulsa Zoo officials say a failed pregnancy is a possible cause that a female giraffe died there. The giraffe, named Georgina, had lived at the zoo for almost 21 years before dying on Saturday.
A Tulsa man forced to pay child support even after DNA tests proved he wasn't the father of a child filed a civil rights lawsuit against state DHS Director Howard Hendrick."

Actions by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services "were so extreme and outrageous as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency and would be considered atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized society," Micheal Thomas said in a lawsuit filed Friday in Tulsa federal court."

Without any pause between stories, without even a brief breath, the news reader said that!!

(Both stories are from the Tulsa World, BTW) But the story about alleged father, Michael Thomas is pretty serious; as Paul Harvey would say, "now,, the rest of the story":

The Daily Oklahoman reported earlier this month that DHS officials got Thomas declared the father of a baby girl born to a Lawton drug user even though Thomas told agency officials he had never met the woman and the woman told the newspaper she had never met him.
DHS officials badgered Thomas, 21, until he dropped out of Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kan., forfeiting a football scholarship, he said.
Thomas took DNA tests that proved he wasn't the father, DHS records show. However, DHS continued to take money from his paychecks and refused to tell Thomas the test results until pressed by Tulsa attorney William "Billy" Wiland III, who agreed to take his case without pay, Mr. Thomas said.
DHS spokesman George Johnson said the agency hoped the case could "be resolved short of litigation."

No kidding!!
I hope that Mr. Thomas does the right thing and demands that this go to trial~! And receive more money than being an NFL running back, or being a giraffrican's daddy.


crazy4danes said...

Comedy! Thanks for that laugh! Loved it!!! :D

theotherryan said...

Oh my gosh, I have no problem with forcing men to pay their court ordered obligations to support their children. I do however have a big problem when men are railroaded because some woman can't remember how many men she slept with or what their names were. I also have a big problem with back "child support" for men who didn't know they have a kid in the first place. For all but the richest people suddenly finding out that you have a 15 year old kid and a debt of 50,000 dollars means you've got to join the underground economy. It is a hole lots of folks can't get out of. In that situation the support should start when the man finds out he has a kid.