Monday, August 25, 2008

Alone Again, Naturally

I spoke with my friend, Glenn, calling collect from Ft. Worth's jail last night.

He spoke hopefully, confidently that his probation-violation trial would be in two weeks' time, as he was transferred to Ft Worth only on Friday of last week.

He asked me again to take either of two avenues: "No time, or No money". And I was ready to help him by paying his overdue probation fees for him to be free.

-When last we spoke personally, a week ago Sunday afternoon at the Latimer county jail in Wilburton, I reminded him that he'd once promised that he would do anything for me-- and that by paying his fees to keep him from prison, I was promising to do the same for him.
That conversation between Oogha Tleh and me, 'Red Shield', ended with a bonding finger clasp through chain-linked fencing.
So when we spoke briefly last night, I stood prepared to travel to Texas
sometime in the next two weeks, pay a fine and bring home my friend.

But calling up the Tarrant county county clerk's office just now, to find out the exact time and date of his hearing, I was told that it was held at 9:00 a.m. this morning....
and that Glenn was sentenced to 9 months in a Texas prison as a result.
And, that Glenn had agreed to this in a Texas prison today, in the Ft. Worth courtroom.

Glenn, if I'd, if you'd, if we'd known, that it was today---
All for nothing. I had spent much free time during recent week days and business hours to work out a deal with LeFlore county and Latimer county probation officers, to have Glenn's probation transferred to Oklahoma.
I had arranged for a powerful probation attorney in Dallas, Mr. Mark Lewis to look into Glenn's case, with these objectives as our goal, over in Fort Worth.

Glenn will not be present for my wedding in December. Glenn will not be around loving friends for another Christmas. Or another OU football season. Or two Indians just camping out in what will be a cold winter around here.

"in a little while from now,
if i'm not feeling any less dour,
i promised myself to treat myself and
visit a nearby tower-
and cllimbing to the top,
would throw myself off-

in an effort to
make clear to who
ever what's it's like
when you're shattered--"


Jungle Mom said...

I am sorry. At times like these, we have to trust that the Lord does know why.

Father Gregori said...

Stay strong, and keep yourself busy, and the nine months will fly by.
Keep in mind, God has a reason that you missed the court date.

Oogha Tleh will be a better person when he gets home and you will both have many years that you can be there for each other, but in the meantime, stay in touch with him by mail and let him know that you will be there when he gets out.

I shall pray for him as well.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stay in touch with him. Make time to go down and see him too, if you can.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thanks all, for prayers, and for the advice; especially that of yours, McGehee, for I hadn't considered going to the prison to visit. Until yesterday afternoon, I only thought of bringing him home from Texas after the hearing.

he has my P.O. box address, phone number, so maybe Glenn'll begin the process.

crazy4danes said...

I am so sorry to hear this! I hope that you will continue to be a strength to him and help him through his time in prison. I'm sure your friendship will be even stronger after this! God bless you both! :)

theotherryan said...

While fines do have their place (traffic tickets, corporate crime, etc) it pisses me off that people often end up going to jail because they can't render unto Caesar.

The Localmalcontent said...

True that, Ryan- and I'd even support the cause of probationary fines-
but Glenn was trying really hard to make a better life for himself here, instead of being continually surrounded by druggies of his former life, in jail/prison in Texas and those whom he'd see at the ..(wait for it). the probation office...!