Sunday, August 10, 2008

"BIG 'G', little 'o'"

Here is a little test. Read the following excerpts from an editorial
published online since July 15, 2008,
and then guess who is the author.

I don't mean the person, but the National Organization, behind the editorial:

Barack Obama is not a left candidate. This fact has seemingly surprised a number of progressive people who are bemoaning Obama’s "shift to the center." (Right-wingers are happy to join them, suggesting Obama is a "flip-flopper.") It’s sad that some who seek progressive change are missing the forest for the trees. But they will not dampen the wide and deep enthusiasm for blocking a third Bush term represented by John McCain, or for bringing Obama by a landslide into the White House with a large Democratic congressional majority.

This diverse movement combines a variety of political currents and aims in a working coalition that is crucial to social progress at this point. At the core are America’s working families, of all hues and ethnicities, whose determination to move forward does not depend on, and will not be diverted by, the daily twists and turns of this watershed presidential campaign. They are taking the long view.

A broad multiclass, multiracial movement is converging around Obama’s "Hope, change and unity" campaign because they see in it the thrilling opportunity to end 30 years of ultra-right rule and move our nation forward with a broadly progressive agenda.

If Obama’s candidacy represented nothing more than the spark for this profound initiative to unite the working class and defeat the pernicious influence of racism, it would be a transformative candidacy that would advance progressive politics for the long term. One thing is clear.

None of [the] struggles — from peace to universal health care to an economy that puts Main Street before Wall Street — will advance if McCain wins in November. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.

It could be from anyone supporting the election of Barack Obama, couldn't it?

Who? The NAACP? The AFL-CIO? Air America? Nancy Fn. Pelosi?
The answer is in my comments section.


The Localmalcontent said...

The editorial is from The Communist Party USA, the ones who condemn class/racial strife, yet depend so upon it.

Abouna said...

If Obama wins the election in November, then may I suggest we hold a "Good-bye Party" for the United States? I fear that once he is elected, there will be no coming back for this nation.

The Localmalcontent said...

Honestly, and still, Abouna, I feel that Senator McCain will win the election.
I think that the egregious gaffes and the glaring, unforced errors Obama makes will turn off enough states electorial colleges (voters), to tip the election to McShame.

And that is still a bad thing, but not a deadly bad thing.