Monday, August 11, 2008

Death To 'The Local Malcontent'!

some of you know that this has been a sticking point in my
craw for awhile, my struggle to keep up my bloggie,
along with serious work, along with my upcoming nuptials
in december, along with just being someone here in yanush
who wants to be special. who wants to be considered
special 'round here, and within my choctaw nation.

the sudden arrest of my best friend last week on old,
felonious drug possession charges out of texas, has taken
all the wind out of my sails; causing me to question
my judgement on all things, if something that intimate
and personal, that overlooked, ignored, can happen to me,
then i am needing to spend more time with
crows watching over me.
losing both amos, my doggie best friend
and glenn, my human best friend have severely
rocked me and my world.

i really do envy those of you who can seemingly,
very easily accomplish your lives well, and post good,
daily, sometimes hourly, blog posts--
but i cannot. and i cannot do it anymore.

time spent. well spent time. till now. but my mind,
my health, and my attention are needed elsewhere,
rather than a piddling, faltering blog.
this is my last post, friends. instead, i am going ot fokus
upon more personal and more lokul things around me,
around us here, around the soon to be 'we' in my home.
i do not dare risk losing that best: her.

i cannot say or express enough gratitude to any one of you,
as you deserve; much less all of you sweet friends altogether.
please, just know that somewhere in the mountains of oklahoma,
you have a friend in me, whenever needed.

i'm busy trying ot buy a mountain property nearer Leti's
home, under the talimena drive area, east of talihina;
i'm busy with work, and with the latimer county first responder's force;
and guess what? the local mal-blahblah-content blog has suffered lately. greatly.
that ought not be.

i've said about everything i think i wanted to say already.

so goodbye, to everyone!, most especially my best online friends,
who can still contact me via the email addy.
thank you for all the laughs, all the ponderings,
all the thought-provoking stuffing~!
i wish You well in everything.
(only nine paragraphs-- finally some improvement)


Christopher Willis said...

Ron, (It is Ron is it not?)
Your name does not matter; you are my brother in Christ Jesus and that is what is truly important. You have blessed me with your insights and your ramblings and I will miss them. One day in the coming kingdom we will sit and chat and know each other as we are known by Christ our Lord. I can wait until then to listen to the ramblings of my 'malcontented' friend. May your marriage be blessed in Christ and full of joy.

Until that day, Christopher Willis or

Jungle Mom said...

Understandable for this time in your life. I am sorry for your friend! Please do stay in touch and perhaps visit us at out blogs occasionally. You will be missed.
BTW, Hello from Paraguay!

The Localmalcontent said...

Yes, it is Ron. And thank you Mr. Willis for your very kind words.
I look forward to that long visit in the Kingdom of Heaven, too!

JMom, you are so sweet, your kids are so very fortunate to have you as their mom!

Now, both of you sitting down?

I shall not cease blogging, as you will see.