Friday, August 8, 2008

Hard Times for Silky

Hat Tip to the National Enquirer tabloid for forcing this bum into confessing!
And from
Fox News. Com, the sensational, yet humble cry from yet another Democrat gone astray, crying "Can't we just all get along?":

Former presidential hopeful John Edwards admitted to an affair Friday with his former videographer, Rielle Hunter, though he firmly denied tabloid reports that he is the father of her child.

Yeah, right. Like anyone believes you anymore, Silky.

Gone forever, are those 'heady' days, when you commanded the cheering crowds as Vice Presidential nominee with John Kerry, or from your own egocentric Presidential aspirations this past year.

The most pathetic truth about former decent human being, John Edwards, is that he forsook the love of his wife, Elizabeth, chooosing instead to stroke his male ego in front of a mirror. (One word in that last sentence was changed, for decency's sake.)

Like most progressive Democrats, who hold themselves up as model citizens, insisting upon much praise and admiration, he is just another creep, just another Jimmy Swaggart, bemoaning his fall from 'grace', crying to people who will still listen to him "I have sinned before God!!"
God already knows that, Jimmy, and Silky. It was always just you, who hoped with crossed fingers, that somehow your god wasn't noticing.
Or didn't really exist.

America is running out of paper, jotting down the names of self-serving Liberals, the "do as I say, not as I do" gang, like Barack Obama, John Kerry, Algore, Bubba Clinton, Gary Hart, and Jimmah "I've lusted in my heart" Carter.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Driving home today, hearing about his mea culpa on ABC radio, I couldn't help but oddly remember the words of Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Lloyd Bentsen, in response to V.P. nominee Dan Quayle during a debate in 1988, but changing the reference therein, to:

"I served with Slick Willy- I knew Slick Willy, I worked with Slick Willy,

Slick Willy was a friend of mine...
Senator Edwards, you are no Slick Willy".

Somewhere in heaven, the once cancer ridden and once forsaken Tammy Faye Baker is vigorously nodding "Yep!"
and my heart grieves for Elizabeth Edwards now, even more.

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