Sunday, August 3, 2008

High Noon

Temperatures across my region, as of Noon, local time:
Greenville, Texas: 100°,
Wichita Falls, Tx., 100.5°,
Waco, Tx., 100.9°,
Terrell, Tx., 104.7°.
Fort Worth, Tx., 98.4°.

Hays, Kansas, 99.3°.

Bullhead City, Az., at 10:15 am, 97.7°

Poteau, Ok. 102.9°,
McAlester, Ok., 101.7°,
Tulsa, 96.8°;
Oklahoma City, 96.3°.

The Yanush, Ok. forecast, via
Mostly sunny. Highs around 107°. Southwest winds around 10 mph late in the morning becoming light. Heat index readings 100 to 114.
Stay indoors, venturing outside only to jump around in the garden hose. Forget the lawn and the garden, fer cryin out loud; it is toast. Save yourself.
Aren't you glad you don't own an amusement park?
Algore was right, wasn't he?!

And even more fire tommorow...

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Abouna said...

Didn't Al Gore invent Global Warming when he invented the internet?