Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Case McCain Picks Another RINO as V.P Candidate

News sources tonight report that John McCain, Appeaser Party candidate for President has chosen his Vice Presidential running mate.

From the three top names on his list, McCain has picked "Him".

I have no confidence whatsoever in the three men most commonly listed as the top names: Lieberman, Pawlenty and Romney.

The RINO Senator from Arizona will put so many states into play with a numbskull choice, that I've just about given up hope, if he does, as so many others have.

I've given up on any strong Immigration legislation from Washington; Abortion, it will be a fact of "life", and paid for by taxpayers. My gosh, I've heard that the Republican Convention even has an 'Global Warming' plank in it's RINO beliefs this year. Can abortion, animal rights and NAMBLA recognition as a person's civil rights be much behind as future RINO platitudes?

I am going to be sick. For at least four years, starting Friday at 11:00 EDT.

Conservative Americans have been royally screwed in this election cycle, make no mistake.
And any 'compromise choice' being used to garner votes in order to win, is abominable to me.

"Let's appease the illegal immigrants, let's appease the sexual deviants, let's appease the Flat Earthers and the global-temperature-conscious so that we can win this one, and keep our undignified and presumptive places of power..."

Boortz and Hannity and Limbaugh can apply all the lipstick they want to this pig, but McCain is still going to plan to loose, all in his efforts to demonstrate that he is a bi-partisan, likable guy.If McCain does NOT choose a strong, conservative executive, then (I'm having trouble writing the rest here) get ready for President Obama/Pelosi/Reid.

And all, which that will entail.

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Father Gregori said...

I have stated it many times, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party have morphed into one. America as we once knew is finished. Come November we will witness the rise of a New Sodom and Gomorrah as immorality reigns supreme, and you can be sure that the One World Government will follow close behind.

May God have mercy on us all.