Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who Hears A Horton?

Just so you know-- The time is presently 8:29 p.m., C.D.T, August 18th, 2008,
as I compose this.
The all-knowing political pundits around the nation are
foaming at the mouth, wondering who will be chosen.
Whom. He. Will. Pick.

The future King O will make his decision known sometime this week. Will it be Hillary? Naw, she's destined for the Supreme bench. Or Richardson? Or Biden (I can see Lefty jumping for sweet joy already, with this proposition), or Bayh of Indiana, or Governor Seborrhea from Kansas?

The pundits are guaging the prospects, following each and listening to every word for any clue.

When all ya gotta do to know, is visit
The Local Malcontent bloggie.


But first, this word from our sponsor: Jesus Loves You.

Now back to our Internet-busting announcement, and the "why" behind it:

Retired General Wesley Clark, former head of NATO.

The "WHY"

No other politician will want to be the lower billing to the dufuss, Obama, and be forced to adhere to his moronic, socialistic agenda.... and hope to someday continue his or her political life.

It couldn't therefore be Hillary; nor Richardson, who claims to be happy as New Mexico's governor (understandable); and some political names thrown into the VP hat as possibilities are just simply shots in the dark, like Bayh and Seborrhea. For what good would it do the great and powerful Ozbama, to pick up such little states as Indiana or Kansas from the Republicans?

Instead, Obama needs "gravitas". Remember that word's frequent usage in 1999, in regard to Governor George W. Bush's choice of Dick Cheney? Cheney brought much needed 'gravitas' to the Republican nominee's ticket back then.

Same Story now.

Gravitas, is what the Democrats think that General Clark will bring to the lightweight Obama campaign. And Clark is not a Washington insider; does he know a danged thing about politics anyway? Well, then he's just like Barack Obama.

Clark will not upstage B. Hussein Obama; Clark will not prove to be a smarter politician than Obama; vice president Clark can tell a president Obama what the foreign policy of the United States ought to be, in the context of constant apologizing for every little thing that's gone wrong in the past 70 years around the world.

Obama/Clark, tomorrow, and in '08. Ya'll read it here, first. Remember that.


Jeffro said...

You might be right. Clark is such an assclown, but he's a hero to the left. He won't be bringing in anyone from the center, though. He's been too polarizing.

IMHO, but I'm wearing rose colored conservative glasses.

The Localmalcontent said...

Clark an assclown?

Why, then he's perfect for the Libs!~