Monday, August 18, 2008

The Memory Dumpground

That's not politically correct. Let's title this thingie "Photo Recycling Center".
Much better sounding. Here's a collection of stuff, which I have saved for about two weeks, intending to make each a "Whatzit" post, or something... I don't remember.
So let's have some laughs with caption fun instead.
Naturally, your ideas for captions are always welcome too.

"Why Ethyl stayed married to Fred"

"Photo doesn't match the one on It's Resume`"

"Uh, dude- you're wearing two right foot sneakers."

"My inspiration for 'Rogaine for Pumpkins'"

Or, "Medical Breakthrough Annoounced."

"by Barry Obama, 3rd grade."

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Jungle Mom said...

Yours are too good, I could never do better. LOL!