Sunday, August 3, 2008

Might As Well Be Walking On the _ _ _

The solar eclipse last Friday across central Asia was captured by photog. Hartwig Luethen, in Kochenovo, Russia.
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The corona of our sun ( the white, gaseous fingers escaping ), seen only in photographs made during a total eclipse like this one, is hundreds of times hotter than the estimated surface of the sun, or about 2,000,000 degrees Celsius (about 3,600,000° Fahrenheit, but who's going to go out and read that thermometer!?).

That is a mystery to solar scientists. There are many ideas to explain the extraordinary warmth of the Sun's corona. The leading theories fall into three categories: miniature solar flares, atmospheric waves, and electrical dissipation.

Or maybe they should think about re-estimating the temperature of the sun's surface~

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crazy4danes said...

Neat picture! I love astronomy! I could read about the universe for hours on end and never get bored! Thanks for the cool picture! :)