Friday, August 29, 2008

NAILIN' The Presidency, With Palin~!

Republican candidate John McCain today has chosen a great lady governor from a great state as his Vice Presidential running mate: SARAH PALIN.

Conservatives everywhere rejoice~! I cannot say enough about my satisfaction with this running mate selection~!

There are just so many excellent reasons why this choice is just tremendous... It removes the possibility of a Vice President Lieberman, who would vote as a Democratic/Independent president of the Senate, risking the chance that a crucial vote in that body would be tipped their way with a tie-breaking vote.

  • It contrasts the oh-so-empty promise of "Hope and Change" spewed by Obambi for real change in Washington, and Zerobama's choice of real insider J. Biden.
    Executive experience, which trumps Obambo's community organizer experience.
    Sarah Palin supplants Hillary, in the most important period of presidential campaigning.

    Instead of promises of reckless changes, McCain/Palin can brag about accomplishments.
    Mrs. Palin's influence will temper McCain's left-wing tendencies toward the right, in matters most important to our nation's security.
    She is a life-long member of the NRA, like me and so many other conservatives.
    Her spouse works as a commercial fisherman, and seems to be proud of America.
    She can open up ANWR and the Arctic to American oil exploration, with experienced knowledge of the matter, instead of Democratic scare stories.
    She is Pro Life.

Senator McCain drilled a huge home run with this choice. He threw the dazzling 4th down pass for a game winning touchdown. He drained the net with a winning 3-point rainbow shot at the buzzer.

Now I have two brown-eyed girlfriends, Leticia and Sarah!


Jungle Mom said...

I'm thrilled !

gregor said...

I'm so happy, you wouldn't believe it.

The Localmalcontent said...

A happy Goth?!?

Now that I needta see! Haha!

Me, too, man!

Father Gregori said...

Palin will lay Obama out in lavender if he gets too snarky. She is one tough cookie. I am glad McCaine chose her.

Dan said...

I think McCain should have chosen Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who has 15 years of fighting Democrats in Washington under her belt and whose election help serve as the beachhead for the Contract with America and the 1994 Republican Revolution. At that time, Sarah was fight FOR a sales tax during her first year on the city council of Wasilla.

Once again, another hard working woman shoved aside for a pretty face who isn't quite ready for big chair. Affirmative Action in deed.

The Localmalcontent said...

Dan, I can appreciate and respect your alternate choice of Sen. Hutchinson. She is a strong woman, for sure.

But she hasn't electrified and rejuvinated the conservatives, nor many Republicans in her service to Texas; has she held elected, executive office like Mrs. Palin.
And just personally, I would be suspect of a McCain/Hutchinson ticket regarding stronger illegal immigration laws and enforcement here in the southwest and plains.