Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Need For A U-Haul Box?

The Blogger platform which hosts my blog seems to change once or twice a week.

Presently, I cannot get Blogger to accept any paragraph separation code (div and /div). UNTIL NOW!!
so everything which I write runs together.

I am considering moving from Blogger to to continue "The Local Malcontent" bloggie, and I was wondering what you thought about that...

Here's my "other" Local Malcontent blog. I am stumbling around over there, unsure what I can and cannot import to that site from here, as well as what I may be able to do there, link and video-wise... Also, I cannot remove some of the silly stuff like the butterfly image, or the hieroglyphics that seem to be at the end of each post... my single post so far there. Haha

On the other hand, Wordpress has some the most lame blog styles in my opinion.
Take a look, if you will please, and make your suggestions and comments back here, OK?

I'm about ummm, 28%, no 24% ready to move...


gregor said...

looks like i've missed a bit of things around here lately. i have not visited in a while, as the last updates i did on my windows os prevented me from having access to several blogs with live-x or flash encoding and i just gave up until i re-installed everything, ran manual updates instead of automatic and switched my browsing to firefox.
glad to see you've decided to keep blogging, it seems, lately, that new blogging friends seem to fade away after a short while. i was beginning to think it was me!
i, too, am thinking about bailing out of blogger, although i'm not too fond of wordpress or typepad and beyone that, the choices are slim. what would be your first choice and why? just curious, maybe i'm missing something.

Jungle Mom said...

Since I have very limited computer know how,. my advice would be useless!
Thank you for the kind words in regards to my Dad!
BTW, I told him all about you. He filled in some gaps on the family tree. Such as his Aunt "Merky" who I know of is the "America" I had never heard of! :(

The Localmalcontent said...

Well, look at you Gregor! Welcome back, friend~! I had thought you were still coming by, but just not finding anything to comment upon- I thought you maybe had moved to Picatinny Arsenal, NJ- seem to have a loyal reader there.
The limitations over at WordPress are many; I don't believe that platform allows for imbedding videos nor reference links, and just putting in a picture of myself over there took an act of Congress practicly.

How goes the restoration of your living room? By the way, you also have a spectacular bathroom, one that some people would travel to as vacation destination! lol

JMom, I already think of your mom and dad as friends of mine. Thanks for mentioning me to them! And tell that man to hurry and get well!

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

from what little experience i've had with wordpress, you'd just be changing one set of irritations for another. it's not all better or all worse, you'd probably find some of wp's "features" just as annoying. plus all your existing external links to this site would break (of course i'd change mine...). there *was* one site on my blogroll a couple of years ago that decided to change names/hosts/links three or four times, and i bet they lost more than half their traffic each time.

you have heard the one about "the grass is always greener", right? ;) i vote for staying put unless it becomes really unbearable.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion probably wouldn't be useful either, since I'd suggest going to EE Core, the free version of ExpressionEngine. I don't think there's any free hosting for it though, and free hosting sites might not support the database.

The Localmalcontent said...

No, I appreciate your suggestions, advice, guys.
any and all help is appreciated. Blogger has been very useful and easy to use, until lately, that's for sure... And it may simply be a temporary hiccup on their part?

McGehee, I will look into EECore; I don't have a problem with buying a platform, or a legitimate (Dot)Com base really; I just hadn't come to that yet.