Friday, August 1, 2008


Tonight I discover that I may have allowed a Trojan baddy to infiltrate the Local confines here.
Against my better judgement earlier today, I allowed a comment from some outfit called "Good Powerball Numbers" or something to post a comment on my tribute post to Rush, just below.


For some reason, tonight I cannot come to anybody elses' blogs, including my own here, without the warning message of Doom coming up, as in these screen grabs:

and sadly, this one as well:

I am presently running my Norton malware and spyware scan program, and as soon as I can figure out how to delete that commenter, it will be done as well.

A timely reminder of how desperate some creeps are. So use this post as warning, reminder to never let your guard down!!

Gotta go change some passwords now.

UPDATE: With passwords now changed, Charles is explaining that the trouble is with a change in script within Sitemeter, and Windows Internet Explorer being unable to recognize the change, instead thinking it is a 'bug'. Which it is/was.

Go to to read all about it.


Don Smith said...

If I were you, I would get rid of the MS Explorer and go with Modzilla it is a lot better deal. Norton Internet Security should have told you the name of it and where it was located on your computer, and it should have quarenteened it for you, if it is not able to do that, it will tell you so.

Hope you found it, I quit using sitemeter because it was limited in scope, it only tracked 500 hits and then it wanted some money from me, $9 a month or something. I hit 500 hits in two days, so much for that huh?



The Localmalcontent said...

I loaded the new (improved??) Sitemeter code into the margin last night, right before I received an email from Sitemeter, explaining their problems.

So all should function normally, until the next malfunction.

I thought this only happened with electric and phone services, when lightning struck nearby....

WHEW!! and I am going to switch to Mozilla today.

The Localmalcontent said...

And to make sure of my/our blogs' wellbeing, I deleted the two posts here, "Real Excellence in Broadcasting", and "(Go to Krazy Talk for more from me)".

Which I hate doing. I do not like deleting posts, even when I am either stupidly offensive or drunkenly stupid and offensive. Because those such posts inevitably give a clue to my innermostest feelings, despite their moron-ness.

crazy4danes said...

Mozilla is great! Sorry you had that problem, but glad you got it taken care of!