Saturday, August 23, 2008

Preparing The Land, The Friends For Festival

Please forgive me, my arms are as heavy as steel pipes right now, after two softball games today.

I played all 14 "innings", if that's what they can be called. Sloppy, 3, 4, and 5-out innings in both games and much fun and laughter mixed with good-natured arguing all around. It likely helped that the beer flowed from left field to right, with the wind all during the games.
Our team won both games, 24-21 and 18-13, and your LMC-3rd baseman went 5-10, with a walk.

All of this after mowing and trimming up the historic Tuskahoma parade grounds all morning, in preparation for this next weekend's huge, Labor Day weekend Choctaw Festival.

Where did that black and blue bruise on my elbow come from?

Probably happened about the time when I saw that Leticia had shown up and watched us playing. She had her hair down and flowing... I remember throwing the ball over 1st baseman Marty's head by a mile around then...

Speaking of whom, Marty, he's asked me to dance with his troop again next Friday night.
But I said yes anyways.

Marty and his wife then had Leti and me over at their home, with other friends when we were done at Tuskahoma for dinner and horseshoes. And honestly, it was divine~! Us guys talking about politics for a change, while the girls were inside with the kids. I've made a few converts to the conservative side, including Marty, among my friends and with Leticia lately; that can't be where my elbow bruise came from.

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