Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Sharp Reminder~!

Found yesterday, Saturday on my property, this reminder of my, our ancestors.

This 3/4 inch by 1/2 inch Arrowhead, still sharp as it was meant to be, one hundred years ago.
Granite, I believe. And made for a right-hander.


Jungle Mom said...

very Kewl!

Kini said...

It's always good to connect with our past.
As it is good to look towards our future.

Our past is our path to our future where lessons learned can be our guide to our successes or our failures. The choices are ours to decide.

Your path is true and noble. Conservative and adaptive to change and growth. It is the mark of the true warrior, a spiritualism which includes elements of nature, economics, and politics.

Mahalo nui loa (Thanks very much) for your wonderful post on our website. It is very much appreciated.

The Localmalcontent said...

Kini, what an honor to see you comment here, friend~!

I have planned to link (read: steal) your recent post and photos of your beautiful land, and your exquisite spirit found there.

Thank you for your kind words, and please come here often as you can, Kini.

Mahalo nui loa.

gregor said...

Many the happy memories I have of spending Saturday mornings with my Uncle Bill, searching for arrowheads and other Lenape artifacts here in Jersey when I was a kid. He taught me to always look in places where the ground had recently been turned, a day or so after a rain, as the water would wash away a bit of the soil under all the debris and it made it easier to spot things. I have my collection mounted and framed, hanging in my dining room. I can't look at them without missing Uncle Bill. He was the typical outdoorsman; he didn't go hunting, he went "gunning"; he was more at ease in the Jersey pine barrens then in his own home; He taught me much about the natural world which I've carried with me all my life.