Monday, August 11, 2008

Time To Put Up or Shut Up

Regarding the long, and tiresome Presidential election in just under three months, your Local Malcontent is now ready to predict the outcome. This election is older than some eligible voters, did ya know that!?

I gave honest consideration to each state, and it's makeup of citizenry, the historical voting in recent election cycles, as well as the economic impact that both the Iraq war and the overall war on Terrorism, the current housing recession, illegal immigration, and gasoline price/oil exploration possibilities for each of our 50, 5-0 states.

And I still come up with a McCain election this November. By the final score of 298 - 240.
Barack Obama cannot carry the south, period. The Midwest is solidly McCain territory, too. Sorry, Charlie Tuna.

The eastern mid-west, and New England states are hopelessly Blue, with the exception of New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania and Ohio (the latter two, severe, battle states). The western states are mixed, with Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado for John, and California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and New Mexico for Barack.
Exotic Hawai'i is Obama's birthplace possibly, but Alaska is as red as blood.
The hardest states for me to estimate were Missouri and Ohio, with a combined electoral college tally of 31. If both these states go blue, then Obama wins. If only one of them does, then my prediction of a President McCain holds true.

NOW. Unless Joker Bill and/or Wildcard Hillary Clinton pull a massive rabbit out of their hats during the Democratic Convention later this month, stealing away the nomination from Obama, I predict that the 44th President of The United States of America will be John Sidney McCain. If Hillary Clinton somehow becomes the Democratic presidential nominee, all bets are off, as all hell breaks loose with rioting everywhere, lending to the possibility of a third Bush term and Marshall law imposed.

But as for the two (yawn) current candidates, regardless of what states they focus upon in the last two months in this endless election cycle, here is my prediction: McCain wins with 51.8% of the vote to Obama's 46.4%, the widest margin of victory since Reagan over Mondale in '84.

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