Friday, August 8, 2008

While I was "Away", Here At Home

Prevented from merging with the Information Superhighway since Tuesday by AT&T, I've spent my time remembering what life was like, what life was about, before Windows were not strictly made of glass.

I haven't spent this much time sitting with and talking with my chickens in a long time, about two years or so (they're all good, except for Mozelle, who is limping badly and Boxboy, who is missing some significant plummage under both wings for some reason).

I read an acutal newspaper again! I went to a Church of the Nazarene Revival Wednesday night in Talihina, as a result. I learned that both ticks and snakebites are up this summer, according to the LeFlore County Health Department.
I blame George W. Bush for this-- they did!

I learned that a friend died suddenly Tuesday, from a seizure. He was only 30, and his funeral is Saturday, 10 am at the Buffalo Valley High School gym, and I will attend naturally.
I submitted a request to the OTC to have August 29 off; that is my uncle Bryan's Birthday. He's about 140. LOL

Over a payphone, instead of by email or my home phone, I spoke with my credit union in Oklahoma City to allow AT&T to withdraw funds from my account... Needing to use their convenient toll-free number to do so, of course.
** Some years ago, I actually had my very own "Toll Free telephone number", back when I lived in New Mexico.
It was 1-877-766-7243... corresponding to the seven letters of my name, exactly. But I had to abandon it... somehow it bacame a favorite of bathroom stall scribblings.

It is still available and if I can get through the next six months alive, I may renew it.

The latest bunch of dustbunnies under my bed have been swept away. I have explored my Windows Vista Deluxe Home B.s. version thoroughly, finding MgTons of unnecessary things to uninstall. "Wholesale Death!"

Leti came over last night, Thursday (a date we planned before my long distance service was cut off), and together we sat and ate supper on the lakeshore with our feet in the water, watching the clouds, thankful for the day's rain, talking about her mom, our plans and how they're going, who to invite, where and all.... We didn't get that much confirmed or established, for reasons unnecessary to say here.
I must like the capital letter "w" for some unconscious reason. I use that one alot...

I fear that some morning, I will awaken to discover or realize that, "Oh, My God, I'm a Democrat!!"

Maybe best of all, I found the time to finish a 16" x 12" wood-burned sign project, which I had begun last winter some time. It was to read "The House of Amos". Now a staked and bolted headstone with white painted lettering,
it reads "Amos Rests Here, 2004-2008".

*No, I did not quit my job, and no, I did not give any credit union account numbers out to a scammer. The last post was dripping with the sweetest sarcasm, doncha know!
But I intend to pursue these crooks, maybe have some fun with them...

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