Friday, August 22, 2008

With Fingers Crossed

I have been hesitant much of this year to compose many baseball posts; a Joe Torre success story here, and mentioning kicking the Yankees in others.

Nothing about the Cardinals, my team. Not a peep about the startling trades, like Manny's from Boston to the Dodgers; and when comedian George Carlin passed away, I didn't reprise his excellent "Baseball VS. Football" routine either.
Or the '08 pennant races heating up about now.

I've wanted to; but did not for fear of jinxing a particular team.
This team, for all it's existence, could not buy any good news. It was always bad.
'Eternal cellar dwellers, not unlike the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals were for most of their existence.
Not this year, though.

Literally, Major League Baseball has itself another dramatic and darling Cinderella story this year, and I don't know of anyone who enjoys following the game who isn't also pulling for the Tampa Bay Rays.

See, they got rid of that other part of thier name (Devil), and WHADDAYAKNOW, the team is in first place in the American League Eastl~!

This is precisely why I love Baseball. For the most unlikely stories which it weaves for us, the beyond-rich histories of players, cities, clubs, rivalries, and moments. Give me a sports page with box scores of last night's games on it, and I am happy for a couple hours.

From the hallowed website of, this Ray's story, and it's money quote:
ST. PETERSBURG -- This Tampa Bay Rays team could win the World Series. The much more difficult task for them would be getting from here to there, but once in the Fall Classic, they would be not only the reasonable choice, but the obvious choice.
Some of your questions can be anticipated: Whut? Why? How? Huh?
Holding a magic number that is lower than the number of games they have remaining on their schedule, the Rays are poised to do the unthinkable by going from virtual obscurity to beating the vaunted Red Sox and Yankees in the AL East.

Former Devil Rays' manager, Lou Pinella, could not ever win even 70 games in the 162-game season with the team during his tenure; but now that Pinella is the Chicago Cubs manager, that team has the best record in thier league. It's the removal of the Devil from the Tampa name, therefore.

Ya just gotta love Baseball. It is, I'm told, God's favorite game as well.

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