Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Canary Puts His Foot
Into His Own Big Beak

Please accept my apologies for not posting anything since Friday morning last, but I've been hard-pressed to find much to be 'Malcontent' about in the first place; and in the second place,

my best friend Glenn is back home here, free! from facing any Texas prison time, free from that apprehension he had felt, free. FREE.

How he accomplished that, he will not say- and if he did, I wouldn't repeat it here.

"No money and no time", were his words to me six weeks ago, when he faced 9 months in prison there.

Back now, he's chosen to live in my expansive woods/back yard, just yards away, and since his arrival back home, we've had some pretty good adventures already together, talking, and bicycling, and walking these mountains together.
In just four+ days.

"Good Times Were Had By us All"

His return has brung (LOL) a rejuvenated sense of well-being to this whole place, among those who know, and those who admire Glenn: His return is among the biggest topics of conversation everywhere. (Him, and the bad, 3-car wreck on foggy Bengal mountain yesterday morning)

But Not By All.

I'm composing this to comment upon a remark made to me today personally, by an Indian-Wannabe.

There is a couple here in this valley who moved here from Arizona, 2 years ago.

They claim to be (-part) Cherokee, but they have no lineage to any registered, notated Cherokee anywhere.

So "Why move here, to Choctaw land?" I once asked them, "instead of around Tahlequah, Oklahoma? in Cherokee territory?"
Wannabe-Indians, we call them, and they unabashedly, blatantly are.

Anyway, the asinine comment made to me today by "Canary Dick", husband of this couple, was
"Tell your friend that If he wants to live on our land instead of with you, that it's O.K. with us," or something similarly stupid. Right outta Left field, right out of the blue he said that to me.


This occurred on the main drag, Dallas Street, of Talihina, in broad daylight. Therefore, I didn't hold back.

Not. one. ounce.

I replied "What the hell, Dick!? That's got to be the stupidest thing you've ever said, and you've said plenty stupid stuff.
Thanks for your unsolicited advice, you know-it-all. Now remove your stupidity from my presence!!".
He did so, by pulling out of the parking place his hippy-dippy van occupied, opposite the post office.

This is a guy, whose sole claim to ANY American Indian heritage anywhere, to any tribe is that his teeth are aligned like an Indians'......

(His boasts to me once, replete with a demonstration thereof) LOL-GAG

But back to Glenn for a moment. He's so excited about not having his past transgressions in Texas chasing him, any longer-- We've talked much about opening up an herbal/medicine store for him here near-abouts, we've communed on the great spirits here in this valley, and in the Potato Hills all; we've walked the land I am buying in the next county; of my upcoming marriage;
and we've gained much ground on our friendship, once thought by me, to have been fleeting, momentary.

We talk of our anticipation of attending church together again; we talk of Israel's pride and right of existence; we talk of all the dangers this world faces now: But within this friendship, other, national, ancillary matters don't yet rise to the level of becoming "Malcontention"....

Thus the lack of bloggie posties lately.

For my younger, Ponca brother and I are in agreement on too many things,

including you, 'Loud Canary', of the Wannabe-Indian tribe.

(Hat Tip, and Many Thanks for these photos of painted feathers, to Don Smith, Creative Author of and Friend at Creative Endeavors blog.


Jungle Mom said...

Love the passion! Love the feathers! Wanna see my teeth????

Prudie said...

I'm glad your friend is back. I guess it's understandable then, why you were gone so long. ;)

Don't you know? Everybody's a Cherokee Prince or Princess! I bet you're one too and didn't know it. :D

You wouldn't believe the number of people who visit New Echota and think that makes them Cherokee. (Seriously, my eyes rolled so far that had they not been attached, they woud have rolled to Toronto and back. Oy!)

As for the new "Cherokee" in your area... Oy again. I have to say, it's a pet peeve of mine. I have documented Cherokee ancestry with cousins part of an Alabama tribe and everything. And yet... I'm not a part of the tribe, for very complicated reasons I won't get into here.

There's more to being part of a tribe or an ethnic group or a race than some family stories about an ancestor who may or may not have existed. And there's a whole lot more to belonging to any group than tooth formation.

So yeah. I mark "White/Caucasian" when I fill out government forms and paperwork. I don't feel right about marking anything else.

Anyway... People! You've been nicer to that guy than he deserves. When he showed you his teeth, you should have asked him what his price was. Isn't that what people look at when they buy horses? :D

Seriously, about the teeth thing... I read somewhere on the net that tooth formation is only good for forensic identification in the US if the teeth are well over 200 years old. We just don't have isolated populations that develop specialized features anymore. We all "mingle" too much now for that. So your "Cherokee" neighbor doesn't know what he's talking about. But you probably already knew that. :D

The Localmalcontent said...

To be really honestly blunt about it, Dave closely resembles Ayman al Zawahiri, the al Qaeda second banana.

No, while I'm pleased that you have teeth, there's no need to prove it. Keep them right there.

And it is pleasing to me knowing that many people have some degree of Indian blood running in their veins; but Prudende, you are quite right: Being a part of a Tribe is so much more than attending a pow-wow or hanging a dream catcher from the rearview mirror.
Dick's intentions when suggesting that Glenn live on his property, were to give him and his claim a legitimacy he himself cannot find elsewhere in his makeup.

The Localmalcontent said...

Aack-- I called him "Dave" above.

His name is "Dick". Dick Canary.

Dave is his father-in-law, despite their being the very same age.

crazy4danes said...

Love those feathers...absolutely breathtaking! I am so glad that you have been reunited with your friend. And I am glad to hear you are already enjoying spending time together. What a wonderful blessing true friendship is!

The Localmalcontent said...

I'll see if I can forward Don's email with the entire collection of painted feathers to you, Angela.

Your words about true friendship are on the dot: A Blessing~!

I'm more fortunate, happier than I deserve; not only for my friendship with Glenn, but you too, and JMom, Prudie, Don Smith, Charles, Hatless, Abouna, McGehee, Gregor, all of you bloggie friends...
You all are remembered to our Creator each day here.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure he's "Loud Canary" and not "Walking Canary"...?

Julie Thompson said...

Hi, sorry to intrude on your blog, I wanted to drop you a note instead but couldn't find an email link. I thought you might like to know the origins of those painted feathers - they came from my website, but I have absolutely no clue who started that email.

Wishing you the best,