Thursday, September 25, 2008

Captured By Attercop

I had the extraordinary experience tonight to watch an itsy-bitsy spider weave an elaborate web, between a lower branch of a Hickory tree on my property and my neighbor Dave's barb wire fence.

I. Was. Mesmerized. By Her Deliberation.

While sitting in my lawn chair, away from the house here, behind my workshop/garage, I spied her, sitting mid-air on a single strand of her web.
Then as I watched, this little deetseh (Choctaw for "Spider") crawled along unseen lines of her own making, in dozens of radii from the center. She would crawl down each to a point, then return to the center, from whence she had begun.

After many of these trips, all amazingly done in a clockwise motion around the center ( from my vantage point ), Deetseh began to join the radial lines together, starting at the outermost edges of them, circling inwardly, COUNTER-CLOCKWISE ( from my same vantage point ) !

That intrigued me. I stared at deetseh's work as I would a basketball game; intensely. I probably chain-smoked 6 or more cigarettes, observing her instinctual desire and drive to make her web for food; my phone rang during that time -- ignored,

dismissed for this unique opportunity to see nature's drama once again played out.

As the little spider's concentric orbits spiraled closer and closer to her centerpoint, I felt an anticipation with each of her cycles; "Will this one be the last one?" I noticed that she was cognizant of her oblong web's shape, between the limb and the second line of barb wire, because her circles around the center were the same; when she was only 1/2 inch from the center, on the top side of her web, she'd orbit about two inches below it on the lower side...~! When she finally chose to stop, I felt as if my horse had won the Triple Crown.

I was happy for Deetseh and her well designed trap

I anticipate that tomorrow morning when I arise, before dawn to have coffee and ciggies outside, before feeding chickens and collecting eggs, her web will be dew-dropped.
It has to be so, considering the elegance of her early show thus far. I'll take my flashlight out, expecting her results, her goals, her dinner to also be there,

captured, as I was myself tonight.


crazy4danes said...

Beautiful! I love reading your posts...I feel like I'm right there! I too have had the awesome experience of watching several spiders during my life make the most amazing webs with such awesome patience and precision from start to finish. :)

The Localmalcontent said...

Thank you Angela;

I love reading yours, too.
More often, would by my request...

You, your whole family are right here with me, in Oklahoma, right now: In my heart, my house, in the yard with me, in my truck, and in my life, too.