Monday, September 22, 2008

The Final Score, From Yankee Stadium

Was 7-3, Yankees over the Orioles.
Hooray, the Yankees won their final game, in the historic, storied House That Ruth Built.

Let The Good Times Flow, because that team was the epitomy of 20th Century Major League Baseball, and for 87 years, since 1921, played their winning version of baseball at that hallowed ground.
Winners of 26 World Series championships, the best overall by far, the New York Yankees are a singular, class act.

In a class by themselves, honestly. The Bronx Bombers really have earned their way into our most spledid sport's history books, at the first paragraph's first lines.

Their legacy of stunning players, from Ruth through Gerhig, to Berra, Mantle, DiMaggio, to Roger Maris, Chambliss, Munson, Dent, Reggie, Mattingly, Pettitte, Clemens, Jeter, A-Rod and hundreds of others,

their history of cunning plays,
their unrivaled, off-the-diamond dramatics over the years with Steinbrenner, Martin, Steinbrenner, Martin, Lemon, Steinbrenner, Martin, Steinbrenner, Lemon, Pinella, Torre, Costanza-

all Firmly Land this fine franchise, the New York Yankees, at the top of exciting baseball, and
the top of the list, A-Number 1... (claims Sinatra~!!) !!

I love Baseball, and I really love the History of the game of Baseball-- and I could never hesitate to tell ya, that (game by game) I hate the New York Yankees. And love the Red Sox and Rangers, instead in that American League.

But as a fan of the game overall, I can say that "They are my Beloved, Pinstripped,
New York Yankees."

And last night, September 21, 2008, the team played it's final game in that most historic of diamonds.

Won, naturally.


Jungle Mom said...

We love the Red Sox!!!
As to my post, mea culpa! I need more sleep...

The Localmalcontent said...

So how can one both love and hate a baseball team?

The same way that I love the sad history of the Chicago Cubs, as well as love them for bucking their history and rising to the top of the National League central division.

and if, in the next 100 yeats, that team should get to the World Series, then I would root for them.

Father Gregori said...

Dear friend,I know this is off message, but I just wanted to say good-bye and let you know that I have posted my final blog posting. It will be up for the remainder of this week and then I will be removing the blog permanently.

I guess you can say I am finally free because I have nothing left to lose.

Wry Mouth said...

A true baseball fan, even the most casual "Yankees Suck!!1!" exclaimer has to respect them for being the top pro team in ANY sport, of ALL time.

And guys like Jeter, Bernie Williams, and M. Rivera (who, last I read, wanted to be a preacher when he retires) are undeniably class acts.

Here's to The House.

And may they continue to flail in the shadow of the Rays in the new stadium for the next decade or so. :o)

Viva Chavez Ravine and Vin Scully!

The Localmalcontent said...

Abouna, you never need to apologize for interjecting anything here, friened-
instead, you should reconsider all our sincere pleas to continue your blog.

Wry Mouth iz in D house~~!
Vin Scully-- what a broadcaster--
in 1978, Vin was the ABC play by play man for the World Series, along with his being a successful writer and pinto bean farmer, selling to market over (the pitch misses high for ball one) 64,000 cu. bushels of pinto beans to market that year. Ball two's low.
His mother's great aunt, a Miss Ezmerilda Higginthorpe (swing and a miss, strike one= 2 and 1) was instramental herself in developing the Orange growing industry (that's a foul ball down the 3rd baseline, now 2 and 2 on the batter)here in America.
In 1869, Ezmerilda ordered some orange seeds from a seed catalouge, planted them outside her back (that pitch is INSIDE, 3 and 2), and it is said by many, that this woman watered them with her dishwasher. BALL 4 is taken inside, and that loads the bases for the next batter, who's association with America's National Football League simply must be recounted.........................................................................................