Friday, September 19, 2008

The Final Solution, As Public Duty (pt. 1)

"If you're demented, you're wasting people's lives – your family's lives – and you're wasting the resources of the National Health Service."

And so it begins. Again.
The gentle suggestion that the elderly person who has come down with Alzheimer's disease or dementia should end their lives voluntarily, as a public service. The above quote is by Baroness Warnock, 84, of Great Britain, an 'influential medical ethics expert' quoted in Today's London Telegraph.

The Baroness explains it quite logically, saying that the strain being put on (Great Britain's) national Health System is too great, and further diminishes the already rationed free health care, there. Thus, the public duty to off yourself, or Grandad, with a doctor's help of course.

Madness. Let's call it madness.
What could be deemed worthy of early and untimely death next? Cancer patients? Diabetics? AIDS patients? Influenza? Liver spots? Paraplegics?

These sufferers all take up so much time, effort and money as well. (/sarc)

Why was all of that medical research done over the years, to increase a person's life expectancy, longevity, if only to find out when they reach a particular stage in life, that other's would see you as a burden on society (loosely defined), and think that you are now a candidate for euthanasia? Why seek cures for cancer anymore, or M.S., or diabetes? That's been money down a rat hole there if one thinks about it, as an influential medical ethics expert, bent upon saving a penny.

We already have infanticide, the killing of unborn humans, whether healthy or not. All that takes is the mother's whim.

(I've got to head out to work-- more on this "moral dilemma" which ain't a dilemma at all, when I get back this afternoon)


Prudie said...

Sheesh. With that logic, we'd have to kill all the Baby Boomers. Oh wait...

No! (Bad Prudie!) I'm so ashamed. :)

Seriously, no one would be worthy of living with that logic. In the UK, practically EVERYONE is a drain on national resources because of the way the national health services are set up. That's why socialism is soooo bad. (Well, one reason why) Socialism's just not sustainable unless each younger generation is larger than the older one.

(And it's why our own Social Security won't do a thing for people in our generations.)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kevorkian, call your office.

The Localmalcontent said...

The fine men and women of Georgia are in the house~!

Prudie, Boss, we southerners are of a single mind when it comes to taking care of the elders within our families- even our extended families: We just git 'er done.

It is a sign of our times, in two ways: We ADVANCED humans don't see the value of our elders anymore, what with the TV, Satisfaction, Pleasure NOW! generation.

And also, it is an increasing madness, affecting our whole planet.
What fools we are on the whole.