Friday, September 19, 2008

The Final Solution, As Public Duty (pt. 2)

"Part One", composed at 6:45 a.m. today, is just below this post--

(Continuation of a post, my disgusted reeling against the pronouncement by a British Baroness, who tells demented patients in Great Britain that they are wasting other people's lives, and that nations' limited rationed funds for their Universal health care by continuing to live, and should instead, choose an immediate death.)
An immediate death essentially to save money and services, given by the British National Health Service.

Lord Jesus... Forgive us.

I left off this morning, with "infanticide", also known as ABORTION. Which has been legal (ized) murder of children in America since 1973.
**No reason needed, other than the woman does not want to carry the child in her womb another day.**

Despite the obvious fact that that mother likely engaged in some careless pre- or extra-marital intercourse, which produced a child that moment.
Abortion is a legal fact in America today, and the status of the unborn little girl or little boy is ignored entirely.

Sadly and ashamedly, that.

The opposite of "Pro-Life is Pro-*****" Remember that.
This mindset seems to also apply to the Baroness in Britain, as well as Liberals and Socialists too, worldwide. In terms of 'Overpopulation', 'Veganism', and 'Pacifism'.

BUT NOW~ The Nazi Solution from a shameful, bygone era (and promised!! Never to be repeated~!), for the infirm, the feeble, the other most innocent among us to be attacked and to be deemed unnecessary by younger, abler others~

I will not be a part of this, and you shouldn't be either. The Local Malcontent has many various Canadian, Australian and British readers, as well of course as many American and Paraguayan readers...
You all have hundreds, or thousands of readers, and you influence thousands and millions, with your little bloggies.

Stand Up for your ancestors, your early guides through life; and also, make a stand right now for your Pro-Life beliefs!!
When I was a little ("One little, two little, three little...") Indian boy, I was surrounded by a large family which included my always-blue-check-bonneted matriarch, my "Granny", Arrie Victoria Smith, who was about 1,000 years old, as I remember. Granny was my great-grandmother, on my mother's side, and a beloved addition to my grandparents' household. Granny took me aside and taught me things that she'd never taught the other two generations of her progeny-- things like the "Doodlebug" song-- things like how to hide a dollar bill from momma and daddy, which she'd given me-- and how to walk to the "little store", for candy or for bacon or for other needed essentials (OKRA?) for that day's meal.
In 1977, when I was 8, Granny died, alone in a nursing home; after suffering a Brown Recluse spider bite which killed her. In an age without instant litigation against Nursing homes, no other investigation/action was done.
At age 97.
I do not remember Granny speaking very much for the final years of her life, but she must've been stunned/insulted by her nursing home placement then, by a family-centric, Indian tradition....
*(My Granny was the Very First telephone Operator in Oklahoma... in Wister, Indian Territory, in 1896...)

Yet, I digress-- Someone is urging us, the 'civilized world', to consider killing our elderly, the ones who paved the way for each and all succeeding generations to walk, when these older generations had the much harder lives than we today do.

To choose to selectively stop their lives, when we do not know if they have more to teach us~!, is against my God's Intentions... it is against common sense and against decency.
Woe, woe, woe be to us if we as individual or as a global society choose that path.


Father Gregori said...

I read about this despicable crap on the WorldNet Daily web site and I am planning a post on Sunday about it on my blog.

Every time we allow our courts to legalize one form of immorality, it puts us on a slippery slope to the next abomination to come along, and believe me this WILL Come here and it WILL be legalized.

Jungle Mom said...

Any society that begins to eliminate our weakest members, young and elderly, is doomed. And rightly so, as the behavior is animalistic and not humane at all. God help us!