Friday, September 5, 2008

GOMLP Delegate Duties Done

Through the "Get Offa My Lawn Party", I got to know a few genuine and terrific fellow conservative bloggers:
Party Leader McGehee, Georgia;
Prudie, still Pondering;
Snugg Harbor's missing Sailor Man- toot toot;
Jeffro, the (secrety rich) Kansas Farmer,
as well as friends Hatless in Hattiesburg and Dustbury, both of whom I earlier knew.

The function of the party delegates is done; I feel like I did my part in nominating the Reverand J. C. Watts as V.P running mate and conservative party-malaise changer.
And like another recent addition to my right margin, the GOMLP List's is now gone.
But the links to all the above fellow conservative blogs, among others, is still in my "The Best Links in the World, RIGHT HERE" list, same margin.

Long Live the GOMLP, and such great thanks to McGehee, a true friend.
Long Live the United States of America, and may God Bless Her.


Anonymous said...

Well, now that the nominating is over, the party needs a standing central committee to do business until 2012.

And maybe one of these days there'll even be business to do...

The Localmalcontent said...

"And maybe one of these days there'll even be business to do..."

sounds like 'work' to me.... LOL

I will alwayz be a proud member of the GOMLP, follower of you, McGehee, my Georgian redneck friend.
Don't apologize for being
Georgia now, either.
That's OK.

Anonymous said...

Watch it -- talk like that'll get you nominated for something.