Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HELP! I've Fallen, And I Can't Get Up

Poor Barry Hussein Obama-- He can't catch a break.

The wars against Terrorism in both Iraq and in Afghanistan are going well, with al-qaeda on the deadrun in both (can't campaign on that); the economy is essentially strong, only needing hard-working Americans to prop it up (good luck with that one, you victim-baiter); and your many former associates like Wright and Rezko and all the terrorists you once hung with are still vocal.... The "G-d D*** America" sermon by your pastor has left a wound that cannot heal up by Thanksgiving, an American holiday which you and Michelle wouldn't know anything about.

Alas, the elitist snob from Chicago, and the Democratic presidential nominee did not see a bounce in the polls after his Grecian-formula acceptance speech in Denver; or after his choice of Delaware's John (or Bill, I don't know his name) (oh man- i just learned his name is 'Joe'-at 7:30) Biden, D-Scranton, PA. earlier, which demonstrated his "sincere" intentions toward Hope and Change in Washington, D.C.

Democrats by and large are coming to the conclusion that this guy is only a sock puppet, with the fringiest moonbats' and George Soros' hands inside him. And their anger toward that sock puppet for tricking them is coming to a huge boil--

With less than 7 weeks to go before the election, Barry Ø. is dropping like a rock in every national poll. Today's
Rasmussen daily poll has John McCain up by two points among likely and leaning voters. That's very significant.
Likewise, the Gallup poll website has McCain up by two, and highlights this tracking poll among Independents:

(Obama is the Green one)

Yesterday, a Siena University poll taken in New York state, of all places, showed that B.O. was losing ground in -perhaps- the bluest of all blue states. Mr. O. had, two months ago, a 13-point lead over John McCain. In August in that state, his lead was 8 points. This month, it is only 5 points. And VERY significantly, Jewish voters in New York are now greatly favoring John McCain.
**That's gotta hurt a secretive, 1/4 Arab, who may be a Muslim.**
Keep in mind, Conservatives and others, that polls' statistic "margins of error" shrinks minutely, daily, as the date of the election looms....

The State of Florida is now in the McCain column, it is widely reported, and Pennsylvania is teetering toward Redness as well. In the final six-plus weeks before November 4, McCain and Palin both have to visit and greet voters in Ohio, Colorado and Missouri heavily, mostly, and the task will be over.

The Fat Lady Streisand, is singing for you, Barry;
that is not a good sign.

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