Monday, September 1, 2008

Here Comes Gustav!

The hurricane fomerly hoped by Democrats to be Kartina II made landfall around 9:30 a.m. today, near Cocodrie, Louisiana.
According to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, 400,000 people are without power. And thanks to competenent advance planning this time around, and well-planned evacuations of New Orleans, only a handful of lives have been lost; they, elderly patients who passed while being transported out of the storm's path.
Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans, even must be congratulated for his forceful sanctions, including a mandatory evacuation of the Big Easy.

The storm weakened somewhat before he made landfall, to a Catagory 2 storm with maximum winds of 115 m.p.h.

Now for the bad news: Here comes Gustav, this away, bringing flooding rains and possible tornadoes. Forecasts for southeast Oklahoma and southwest Arkansas are for a 10-12 inches of rain over the next three - four days, as the storm stalls over the Lufkin to Paris, Texas area.

Get your rain slickers and rainbarrels out, Gayle and

Hatless, ya better find a tight one!

The white fluffy clouds mixed with refreshing, September sunshine I see outside now will become thicker and wetter sometime about 8 p.m. toight.
I mowed the lawn this morning. Ha ha, too bad, Gustav.

Here is the latest, i.e. 2 a.m. radar image of the storm: Entering Oklahoma now.

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