Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike's General Effects, Post Landfall

As of Thursday late, Hurricane Ike will be hitting the Galveston/Houston, Texas area either Friday night late or Saturday morning.
And then be centered over the birthplace of General Ike Eisenhower, in nearby Denison, Texas, around early to midday Saturday.

Galveston is wisely evacuating on a wholesale level, ala New Orleans/Gustav, as Ike could be a Cat. 3 or 4 storm tomorrow into early Saturday morning.

In Austin, Texas, the Saturday college football game between the hated Texas Longhorns and the Ultra hated Arkansas Razorbacks, has been postponed- as U.A. fans kiss the ground.

Baylor University hosts Washington State University, still scheduled in Waco thus far.
A game changer there? Who'd notice? Who will be in the stands watching?

The Sooners of Oklahoma are away, whipping Washington U. in Seattle; and OSU's Cowboys host Missouri State in Stillwater, where
there will be no still water or wind anywhere.

Diamond action between the host Houston Astros and the penultimately hated Chicago Cubs on both Friday and Saturday nights has been postponed. Texas' Rangers are visiting Oakland this weekend... Beware there of other violence.
The St. Louis Cardinals will still find a way to drop in the standings, lamerussa.

By far, and most certainly, the concern is for & with the good citizens who live along Texas' Gulf coast this weekend for the storm surge, what with the overhead full moon's gravity, and we all pray that they each/all will be safe and secure. When me and this area gets the second tropical storm rains in less than two weeks' time, I'll comment, maybe post some pics of it. Leti and I will visit likely wet Checotah and Tulsa, and the fair there, this weekend.

If one concedes the gentle rains this week were of the Pacific Tropical Storm Lowell, that makes three tropical storms to come through here in less than two weeks.

Any way, more than another foot of rainfall again this month.
This is unusual weather, no doubt about it-
My garden is still producing tomato and cantelope blooms! here-
August was so cool and rainy 'round here, I thought I was in Hilo.

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