Saturday, September 20, 2008

KIng of The Rings

Courtesy of my friend Aslynn, who snapped this picture with her cellphone.

This huge 'fairy ring' sprang up after the torrential rains from tropical storms Gustav and Ike, and their 12-inches of rain through last weekend.
-- Do you realize just how crunchy and brown this grass normally is, in early September 'round here?
(This autumn will be spectacular~! Plan your tours now)

I ran into my friend at the store, and she asked me if I'd seen this large, 22-ft. diameter fairy ring in front of the Buffalo Valley Church of Christ along Ok. Hwy 1.
--Everyone around here has mentioned it.
Some big fairies in Talihina, evidently.... LOL...
I'm kidding. Heheh.

I had in fact seen and marveled at it earlier this week like many others, and Aslynn captured it~! I reckon that makes her Queen of the Rings.

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gregor said...

I've wished for one to show up on my property. There's one in the state park behind my land that is several hundred feet in diameter, the local botany society keeps it marked so you can follow it through the fields and woods. Each year they go out and move the flags as it grows.