Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lookie There

Alright, this cinches it for me.
Check out what's circled in red, in Governor Palin's Juneau office
in the vidcap!

lovingly lifted from this enjoyable, great Alaskan Outdoors show, below:

McCain/Palin '08~!


Don Smith said...

Okay, I give up, what is the deal in the window. Help me out, I am old and tired, my peepers aint as good as they used to be.

what is it?


Roland Haas said...

I am impressed with the direction and promise of your site.

And yes, I too am impressed with the GOP adding the governor of Alaska to the ticket. It's not often you find a woman in public service who is not only an experienced outdoors person, but is wiling to admit it. This should be a great election to follow.

Keep up the good work.

Roland W. Haas

Jungle Mom said...

Conservatism is back... And it wears lipstick!

The Localmalcontent said...

Don, it's a small Israeli Flag, in the window.

Not a Che' Guevarra flag. And there's also a stuffed grizzly bear in there, which SHE SHOT and killed!
I love this woman~!

Father Gregori said...

I think it was Fred Thomas who said: "Sara Palin is the only woman in politics who knows how to field dress a moose." Way to go Sara!

I can now vote for McCain without holding my nose.