Friday, September 19, 2008


~The biggest surprise of that month since Reggie Jackson's amazing, three-Home Run-explosion during Game 6 of the 1977 World Series for his N.Y. Yankees over the L.A. Dodgers, IMHO.

Today, in pre-October, 2008, rumors are flying around America just like Jackson's long
fly balls that night, 31 years ago:

That: Senator Joey Biden, D-Scranton, will "reluctantly" bow out of the Presidential race in two weeks, citing health concerns; mainly his rock-like heart and arteries.
A condition not altogether unknown among Democrats...

What a shame this announcement
will supposedly happen, the day
after the televised Vice-Presidential
debate with Sarah Palin, R-AK.

Awwww, Did/Will palpitations/Panic set in for you Joey, on the night before,
or for Baracky on the day after??
And HOW most conveniently for all the Libtards, this::::::

Senator Joe Biden will supposedly be replaced by Senator Hillary Clinton on the Democratic Presidatory ticket~!~!~!

How Sad it will be for voters nationwide, that Hillary won't be able to debate Sarah Palin directly, herself,
after that date of October 5th.

We'll have to rely upon John McCain once again, to do battle against the Chosen One, during their debates,
If these rumors prove true. Prove "That's Incredible~!"

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