Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Confirmed reservations for this weekend, Saturday overnight, for the big doins' at the Checotah, Ok., 'Mainstreet Annual Okrafest festival". ( pronounced "she-coat-Uh")

Leticia and I will be traveling the 50 miles north for a weekend of nothing but good food. We oughtta get there around 1:30, with almost three hours to visit, and eat.

EAT okra! that is.

What?! You would not go and attend a festival dedicated to your favorite vegetable?
Of course you would.

Yes, you would...!

Leti may go off visiting the stalls where the arts and crafts are being sold; that's Okray; but me... I'll be standing in every line for okra dishes ( IT'SALL FREE~~! ) and for the brisket cookoff contest.

We may take in the "Little Mister and Miss Okra" contests- those are always cute;
probably not though, the "Senior Mr. and Ms. Okra" pageants however...
Then on to Tulsey-town for some other prior (Methodist) plans on Sunday, at the corner of 13th Street and Boston Avenue, then we want to take in the Oklahoma St. fair, Sunday afternoon in Oklahoma City.

I gotta go- and dust off, iron my giant Okra Pod costume.


Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

so, dare i ask how you prefer okra to be prepared? my preference is coated in cornmeal (not batter) and deep-fried extra-extra-crispy.

The Localmalcontent said...

Uumm mmm! Delicious thata way.

Fried, salty and crispy okra in batter though is my fav., but also boiled and slimy, pickled, sliced raw in salads; perhaps other ways presently unknown before Saturday.

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

ermm, it's the "slimy" ways that throw me...

i've run across a grand total of four restaurants in the metroplex that have cooked it anywhere near as crispy as i like, and that was seemingly by accident. with only one exception: drew's near camp bowie & i-30.

Jungle Mom said...

Fried okra..yummy!! Now I am missing that!!!