Friday, September 5, 2008

The ONE's Admitted Influences

the way low-level Demigod Obama de Barack has consistently cited these men and woman as his youthful influences in his two (!) autobiographies already.

They are Frank Davis, mem ber of and contributing author of the Communist Party U.S; Bill Ayers and
his equally unrepentant, terroristic and worthy of death penalty wife, Bernardine Dorhn, presently both professors at the University of Chicago, and of course, Pastor Jeremiah "G--D---America!" Wright.

The new dude/pastor at the former Obama "church", Otis Moss and indicted defendant "fat Tony" Rezko too~!

Is this change for America, as promised? Or change for some disgruntled, uninspired to work for themselves Americans?

'Do for yourself, achieve for yourself', or rely upon the government for everything, as nominee Obama proposes for us with only his lies and promises?

Who the hell wants that for themselves and

their families, thereby admitting that they
are "dependent" upon government?

I thought so.

I also thought "No Way~!".

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Father Gregori said...

OH, you would be surprised how many Americans would rather look to the Government for their daily bread, and the number seems to be growing by the day.