Sunday, September 21, 2008

See Jane. See Jane Sway More.

[Note from the Editors: Good gracious~! Our dear Malcontent demonstrates his solidarity with friend Prudence Ponder, while at the same time expressing his disassociated disgust at a repellant 'made for TV movie' which angers Prudie, too, about something about 'theft'.
While "Prudence Ponder" is a unique and gifted blogger, "Dear Prudence" is nothing more than a take-off on a long-haired, Beatles song.]

"Do you know what Dr Quinn (Medicine Woman) was about? Lots and lot of shots of Jane Seymour swinging that long hair about as she rode horses from sicko to sicko. And there was some scuzzy younger man in there somewhere as a love interest. But mostly, it was Jane Seymour riding horses, ....".

Good and true friend, Prudence Ponder of Georgia, is simply beside herself today. For good reason, too.
A 'C-List' actress, Jane Seymore is the starring character in an upcoming Hallmark Channel movie
to be called "Dear Prudence".
It is not "A Quinn Martin Production", and therefore has two fewer heads of swaying hair, and six fewer bouncing boobs, as 'Charlie's Angels' had.
And former pin-up darling Angie Dickinson is nowhere to be found in this Hallmark endeavor.
Sey more Jane only.
Now, Prudie, my good Georgia friend and fellow GOMLP delegate, has some irratating memories regarding Janie Seymore... that's obvious, but adding real insult to that injury, this fading Hollywood star, Seymore, 56, is taking a role as a crime detective in said (obtuse, lame) TV- movie.

Huh- guess the starring role as either the corruption-fighting Governor of a Western state, or as the self-confessed-lover-hater of the spreading Kudzu was already cast, eh Seymore?
The title of the movie, "Dear Prudence", elicits thoughts of a copyright violation lawsuit in my mind already.

Attention: Sir Paul, Wacko-Jacko, or whoever owns that title-- Along with our distraught,dear Prudie.
Hey, it could be worth a few thousand dollars in settlement, who knows?

Here's what I know:
I would be every bit as outraged as Prudence Ponder is, should the likes of any Hollywood writer come up with a made for TV movie entitled "The Local Malcontent", and starring anyone whom I hate as much as Prudie hates Janey Seymore;
such as any Baldwin brother, or Sean Penn, as a liberal goo-dooder.

Jay Silverheels, on the other hand? .... OK.
Despite the identical initials thereto...


Prudie said...

You have inner voices too? I'm so relieved! I thought I was the only one.

The Localmalcontent said...

"And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say....