Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Silenced - The Voice In The Wilderness" Blog
UPDATE: And Heere's His New Blog

Abouna's blog is no more.

"Deleted" is the word given by Google when one tries to visit it, and indeed, promised earlier by the man himself.
"Deleted" is certainly a lonely, cold word when one is on
the receiving end of it.

He said in his Tuesday "Swan Song" post that he would delete his blog entirely; he's kept his word. Many of his regular readers, Layla, Gayle, Mark, Jungle Mom, and the LMC included, implored him please not to do that.

Because the politically conservative, nature of his posts never seemed to intersect with the growing mountain of troubles that he was experiencing in his personal/professional life, except as written by an obviously devout Christian man.

-That's what's kind of odd- why delete one's blog, if it has nothing to do with the cause of one's intense pain and frustration? It is not like, the trouble within his American Orthodox Church hasn't been simmering all this time that he's blogged to and FOR each of us loyal readers; by Father Gregori's own words, this unfortunate, seedy and ugly situation has been happening to him for about 9 years, prior to his blogging endeavors, first with "Hitting Another Brick Wall" blog, and just last month, replacing it with "A Voice In the Wilderness".

I emailed Abouna last night, to which he replied, thankfully. But reading between his un-enthusiastic lines, he really is most distraught by his denomination's betrayal of him all these years, and the recent dismissal of his services as Priest to his congregation there in upstate New York.

My, and others' question however is still this:
Why is he ashamed and feeling any guilt?
-When it genuinely appears that he was the one being repeatedly lied to.



Don Smith said...

Unfortunately, bad things often happen to good people, it is the nature of the beast.

I enjoyed his comments and his attitude in general. Shame to see he has pulled the plug on it and all.


Unidentified said...

The kind of stuff that Fr. Gregori went through will not go unpunished.

The Unknown Avenger is here and believe, payback for evil doers will be a BITCH!

crazy4danes said...

I never visited his blog, but it sounds like it will really be missed! I am sorry to hear that he is having difficulties dealing with some troubles in his life. I wish him the best. :)

The Localmalcontent said...

Don and Angela- Abouna's bloggie was quite a place!
His decision to withdraw it, IMHO, was a mistake, but hey, I'm not him, and his choices are ones I respect, trying to understand.

Unidentified, agreed, eventually.
God Almighty has the final call.

Jungle Mom said...

Sometimes the best revenge is to go on with life and show them how happy one can be in spite of their evil doing!