Friday, October 24, 2008

Cha- cha- cha- Changes


The sheer beauty of a well kept bed of irises in late spring just takes my breath away; they were my mother's favorite flower (& roses, of course), and somehow that passion was inherited by me too.

How is it that I can anticipate in February, and then enjoy the delicacy of irises in May so greatly?

By not having them blooming during other parts of the year around here, or by living in some part of the country where irises do not fare very well, like Albuquerque.

Essentially saying that: I didn't know what I was missing, until the irises were gone from the scene or from my locale entirely.

Every evening, I am privileged to sit in my yard here in Yanush America, and facing the east, actually see the "purple mountains' majesty", as the setting sun casts it's last light onto those Ouachitas over there. And I sit and gaze, marvelling at God's handiwork, His thoughtfulness in even the most minute detail, Him knowing that such a design of light rays and diffusion would please His children to write poetry, songs and plays after such inspirations.

When I lived north of Dallas/Ft. Worth, in Lewisville, Texas, I enjoyed the bright lights of the city, it's steel and concrete mountains of skyscraper and light, but they became standards, commonplace even, after awhile;
It was then, while living in Lewisville, that I realized that I missed my mountains and my irises the most.
And, that I particularly enjoyed the bright Dallas lighted skyline mostly, only after I had been away from them, too.

The song lyric immediatly prior to the alternative title above goes: "You don't know what ya got, till it's gone"-- that works for me as well,
and I think it's probably true for us every one~!

Along those lines, perhaps it will take a severe and drastic political turn to the Left, in order for the fond memories of a better America, recalled by a majority of voters in either two or in four years, should socialist Barack Obama be elected President in a fortnight now; along with his very willing, elitist sidekicks Punch and Judy in the Congress leadership.

What I'm saying is also what I'm hoping: If things, if events become so bleak, so bad under Democratic/Socialist leadership, maybe we will begin to remember those irises, those stunning mountains, those better times before, since they would be absent from our common experience, then.

Maybe there would be underground 'Constitution and American History Schools of Thought' springing up in clandestine rendezvous, plotting and planning and remembering how things were once good, better, once upon a time in America. Maybe freedom and personal responsibility will once again be highly regarded, sought after.

When people begin to experience "being separated from their irises, their mountains, the beautiful Dallas lighted skyline", the personal freedoms and choices that are our birthrights given by God and not by government, and realize that like me, they can always go back, go home again.

OR MAYBE NOT-- Laws could be changed, the Constitution suspended, and/or Marshall law enacted here, and then strictly enforced in totalitarian method, forbidding any alternative thought from The New Way. Elections could be abolished; freedoms of speech and of assembly and to bear arms could be waved off; are churches and the freedom of worshipping, of acknowledging God, the Creator allowed in any ANY socialist or communist country?

***I can't think of any, without remembering Jungle Mom's chilling, frightening comment about jackboots and pistol whippings on the Ye'kwana Indians and missionaries there by the Venezuelan government thugs, recently.

Who can dare to say right now, how bad it could become here?***

Once my hometown mountains and my mother's well kept iris gardens were removed, and after I realized how much I missed them, how much I needed them, I returned home, to the time honored values they represented to me here.

Maybe America will return home too, soon.

After being removed from the same, time honored values .


Rancher said...

Eight years without a major attack. That might change. Low unemployment, even after the financial mess that Obama, Ayers, ACORN, Barney Franks, and Chris Dodd, among other Dems, helped to create. That might change. We removed Sadam and sons and pushed Al Qaeda in Iraq into a last stand in Mosul. Iraq now has a good opportunity to become the first successful Democracy in the Middle East, until our troops are recalled and funding cut off. This is change we can live with but it's going to be tough.

Greg said...

fantastic pic!

Father Gregori said...

"Who can dare to say right now, how bad it could become here?***"

Perhaps we will all discover the answer to that question right after election day.

Father Gregori said...

"Who can dare to say right now, how bad it could become here?***"

Perhaps we will all discover the answer to that question right after election day.