Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Can't Believe What I'm Saying~!!

Now, don't take this the Wrong Way-- I'm conservative, down to the bone:
But ya know who I miss?

William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

We knew him as philanderer, as a smart-alec, as soft on the nation's military strengths.

He clowned with Russian president Boris Yeltsin, and allowed his Secretaries to run corrupt agencies, and his Interns to uh, stay late...

but HEY, whadda ya expect from a guy called "Bubba"?

And Slick Willy never, ever, EVER! was thought of as a socialist either. A 'socializer' maybe... A Socialist though? NO.

My gosh, what halcyon, golden days the 1990s were, considering where
our nation appears headed now.


Jungle Mom said...

I am even wishing we had a Hillary about now...

The Localmalcontent said...

I second that, JMom.
It's like the Democrats could've had their 'fame and historic' election of a woman (NOT TO MENTION, A HUSBAND AND WIFE PRESIDENCY IN THEIR COLUMN), for Obama's candidacy.

I am also just baffled at how the DNC has been hoodwinked by Obama's lies and his background.
"Hoodwinked"... Raaacist, isn't it?

Col. B. Bunny said...

I have reflected often on the Russian proverb quoted by Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago -- Do not be too quick to weep, or too quick to rejoice.

What seems like a disaster at the time can prove to be otherwise as the dust clears. An inappropriate choice of girlfriend, for example. Hurts at the time if you break up but consider all the hassle you'd have endured in a bad marriage.

Ditto WJC, though I was no fan of his at the time. Ditto, Bush to SOME extent though it's hard to see how his lack of conceptual thinking skills (or so it appears from afar) have helped much. Still, his instincts are good, if easily overridden by various mysterious influences. I think the Saudis are more influential with him than we realize. So with border control.

But, considering the clown now measuring the drapes in the WH, as the pundits put it of late, Mr. Bush doesn't look half bad.

What disgrace that, Palin aside, we came up with this batch of contenders for executive power.