Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ignorant Obama A** Kizzer

My neighbor came over today, to give me my September, 2008 payment, nearly two months overdue, and to gloat over the upcoming election.

Dave saw me here and stopped by, offering his $300.00 check. Then disappointing me with his intelligence by saying that he hopes that Barack Obama wins the Presidency.

Within mere seconds of his gleeful, anti-American pronouncment, I ushered him off my land, reminding him that his monthly payment was due and payable before the 5th day of each month, quoting our lease-purchase agreement.
Also that his opinions of his former Arizona Senator, now Presidential candidate John McCain, were not welcome here, and that I would not tolerate them within the pretense of his friendship or our leassorship.

He's another of the C.S. Indian Wannabes, as white and as ashamed for being so as ever, out there for a free government handout.

Yeah, another government-suckling,
helpless, needy Democrat.


Anonymous said...

have assumed because of your skin's low albedo that you must be supporting the low-albedo candidate.

To prove he's not racist, y'see.

Jungle Mom said...

What does the C.S. stand for?

The Localmalcontent said...

I confused the two words "Albedo and libido", McGehee; Oops.

JMom, C.S. stands for Carl Sagan.

Jungle Mom said...


Christopher Willis said...

In Israel before the Southern kingdom went into the Babylonian captivity, the Northern knigodom was overthrown by the Assyrians. G-D allowed this as a judgment against all of Israel. HE chooses the rulers. Maranatha