Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Large Crowd of McCain Democrats Out There

I've discovered a deep pool of disgusted Democrats tonight, at two websites:

http://donedems.com/ , and at http://hillbuzz.wordpress.com/ .

Each is very encouraging, and each site is worth a look~!

Refreshing it is, to find these men and women and read about their dismay concerning the DNC and Barack Obama.

And by the way, they make the claim that both Ohio and Pennsylvania will be red in a week's time. Another significant statement at the Hillbuzz site is that only 65-70% of Democrats support Barack Obama, to the 90% of Republicans who support John McCain. And by the way, the P.U.M.As and disenfranchised Democrats there are promoting/voting for McCain.

Their level of disenfranchisement or disgust? Please read a part of the 'manifesto' from the Donedems site (especially the 8 bullet points):

Rather than capitulate to harmful and useless loyalties, we cleave yet to the spirit of just rebellion, that every missionary relationship, Coalition, and Institution so codified must not seek its own corporeal solvency, but must constantly uphold in earnest the welfare of its members and the values thereof; and when found in ongoing defiance of its mission, for short term gain and long term catastrophe, in ignorance of its Original principles, its denizens must rebel, exercising the painful imperative to save themselves from themselves, and to affirm their true worth, true value and Values.

We will not be dehumanized or dissuaded any longer. We are not resigned to continue playing second-fiddle in this wretched band, left with no option but to break from a Party establishment heretofore unapologetic and complicit in the accreditation and brokerage of disenfranchisement, voter fraud, vote suppression, bigotry and misogyny, and voter intimidation; similarly, moving to reject overtures soliciting unconditional acceptance of lack of experience, lack of consistency, lack of character, lack of integrity, lack of selflessness, lack of transparency, lack of ideas, and lack of sound judgment, and to demand consequences for these and other implicit violations of the national Democratic trust and tradition.

While we pledge to support down ballot Democrats, we submit as a consequence of the Democrats’ corrupted primary and policies, and of its selfish, duplicitous nominee, that we cannot, will not, must not ever, in conscience of our commitment to justice and democracy now and forever, support a nominee for President of the United States of America under the auspices of the Democratic National Committee when that candidacy represents the desecration of the Party’s core virtues and values and thus threatens the long-term viability of our party and our nation.

We are not beholden to uphold individuals or identities, which change from season to season, but to protect and preserve the Idea, which yields neither to time nor to a man. We mean no ill, but move now for the greater good. We rebel without enmity, being motivated not by hatred, but by affection for what was and faith for what will be....

The entirety of our appeals having been thoroughly and consistently rejected, we could have chosen to validate with our votes an underqualified, untrustworthy, inadequate candidate antithetical to our values, and to the America we know, signaling that we did not care enough to turn back a tyranny of corruption; But, no, we choose instead to hold to the reasoned decision to oppose any such candidate, the pundit class, the elites, and our friends and family deluded, refusing to mortgage our Principles for a transient electoral compromise. The responsibility is ours, and Our Future is worth fighting for.

Be it so RESOLVED than we cannot, in good concord, call ourselves Democrats again until the Party elite and leadership return to its common senses and values, nominating only muscular Democrats who are:

( 1 ) Committed to protecting US citizens, territory, and borders from war, terrorism, energy dependence, and hostile regimes, having the temperament to meet these known and other unknown threats to our National Security, and having demonstrated both the ability to recognize diplomatic challenges and the toughness to confront them competently;

( 2 )Patriots whose actions and chosen associations reflect a belief in the relative greatness, goodness, and generosity of America and its people, also prioritizing the happiness, well-being, and success of American soldiers and veterans;

( 3 )Reflective of American Values, having demonstrated affinity for faith, family, scholarship and heritage and thus showing the ability to win the respect of those vested in the working and middle classes and to build broad electoral and governing coalitions spanning class, cultures, and creed;

( 4 ) Committed in word and deed to Fiscal Responsibility, by the elimination of the national debt; by the creation and maintenance of sustainable budget surpluses; by rejecting borrow-and-spend neoconservatism; and by government accountability on reckless spending, inefficiency, waste and corruption;

( 5 ) Movement progressives committed to defending American citizens from all Environmental Security threats; to requiring Health Protection for all Americans, including policies promoting Disease Prevention, building healthful communities, and establishing wholesome live-work conditions and public infrastructure;

( 7 ) Sworn to protect and preserve the exceptionalism and Prosperity of the American Civilization, safeguarding workers, students, and families by exacting technological research and innovation, strategic regulation of commerce and trade, energy independence, and quality affordable education at all levels;

( 8 ) Intolerant of threats to our Civic Virtues of freedom, equity, and democracy, among them the bigotries of disenfranchisement, discrimination, misogyny, and racism.
Be it also RESOLVED that we will not call ourselves active members of the Democratic Party until it enacts sweeping reforms – in and of its rules, bylaws, agenda, platform, processes, primaries, and conventions – that reflect of our common sense and values, and that we reject any thing and anyone unreflective as illegitimate;

Be it therefore RESOLVED that though we will vote for adequate down ballot Democrats and work for their election, we singularly and specifically reject the candidacy of an unqualified and inexperienced candidates, declining membership in his coalition, and are henceforth declared in rebellion of and expatriate from His Party;

Be it forcefully RESOLVED that we have opposed the candidate in question on grounds including but not limited to differences of ideology, principle, character, judgment, policy, and qualifications and not due to spite, anger, or revenge;

Be it RESOLVED that those of us so inclined will accept compromise candidates from other political parties, provided they are trustworthy, credentialed, centrist, competent Patriots with proven track records of bipartisanship; or pledging to support third party or write-in candidates of our choice;

Be it finally RESOLVED and most forcefully DECLARED that we have come to this crossroads of our own accords, minds, and discretions, and that Hillary Rodham Clinton bears no responsibility whatsoever for our or anyone’s decision to forgo the Democratic Party; moreover, that while we respect her loyalty to the Democratic Party and her support for it, she does not hold us hostage nor can she or anyone force her decisions and choices upon us.

By DONE (Democrats Over Nominating Elitists), June 4 2008.


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There needs to be a counterpart movement within the GOP, regardless of next Tuesday's outcome. It's nice to hope that Gov. Palin can represent the change Republicans need, but even in the best case scenario she needs support from the grass roots.

The Localmalcontent said...

Friend McGehee, I really believe that you've already started such a grassroots movement with the now recognized GOMLP.
Let's please not let it die- rather, since it is already slightly established here in the south/plains states, why not go all the way with it?