Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Latest Definition of Racist

There is no more disgusting Congressman than John Murtha, D-PA (even taking into account Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi).
In an interview with the Pittsburgh, PA, Post-Gazette today, this slimeball stated that his Western Pennsylvania district is "a racist area", and will therefore not vote for Barry Obama.

I am stunned by his monumental hubris, his arrogance, his disdain for his constituents there.
Jack(ass) Murtha is the Congressman who, two years ago, libelled U.S. Marines fighting in Hadita, Iraq by calling them "... cold-blooded killers." And now hides behind his congressional immunity as his defense to civil lawsuits of libel lodged against him.

So all this old fart sees are cold blooded killers in the military, and racists when voters don't agree with him.
When his state's Democrat voters supported Hillary Clinton over Obama in their primary, that did not bother him,
but now, when his state might be won by John McCain, well, they must be racists.

That tack will backfire I hope, and that good, gun-clinging, Bible-toting Pennsylvania voters will ship that man to the unemployment line in November. Aren't there some methods of getting this information to the Mennonites, the Quakers, and the good Amish people there?!!~!
Come on Latrobe Pa, are you not insulted by this clown and his comments lately?

OF COURSE, every voter anywhere, who does not vote for Barry Huss is obviously a racist:

'A dirty, filthy racist.' According to Jack(ass) Murtha, and likely more of that ilk.

Because 'race' is the only issue in this election.
If you vote against Obama, Democrat for President for any other reason, you are a lying, deceitful fibber, unwilling to admit that you are a racist.


Father Gregori said...

John Murtha has been suffering from "foot in mouth" disease for so long now that if he don't pull it out, he will choke to death.

The Localmalcontent said...

THAT is putting it politely, Abouna. Murtha suffers from far more than that sadly, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Murtha's never going to pull that foot out of his mouth. He's found that his uvula does a great job of cleaning between his toes.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thank you McGehee, for allowing me to spray Bud Light from my nose all over my desk, with your illustrative comment.

TOO Funny~!