Friday, October 10, 2008

L'CHAIM ~!! A Male Content

"The Malcontent has sure been quiet lately... I guess he's as stunned as the rest of us at the direction America seems to be going. He's not posted anything in a week- and when he does, he speaks of himself in the third person...; like he's got a splitted up personality or sumthin."

"I've heard privately, that he's really a 53-year-old white dude, twice divorced with 4 children, and they all live in a crackhouse, and all on welfare."

"Yeah, me too: That rumor is all over the Internet. I believe half of it, myself-- I think the Malcontent is all that,
PLUS he has a daughter in an iron cellar, all locked away, that he "visits" a couple times a week....."

Don't forget to add spread that I "...believe in visiting space aliens and practice Voodoo, too,". LOL

"I Get High On The Real Things In Life: Powerful Gasoline, A Clean Windshield, and A Shoeshine... Over,".

As some can attest to, like Ms. Angela and like Ms. Prudie, I've been around, silently surfing the net. But haven't thought of anything worthy of a post or comment lately, that's all.
Michelle Malkin's site too.

The truth is, I'm having just the time of my life right now (!!), and this bloggie has been ignored for some days as a result. If an apology works for you, then I'm sorry for that.
It's not that I've abandoned, nor forgotten all my dear friends here; I read each of you daily, but quickly.

I cannot entirely tell you how absolutely sublime, how absolutely divine life is for me at this moment, as the words do not exist in languages I know.

My best friend is not only home, free from prison, but living in his tent in my backyard. We have (nothing short of spiritual) adventures almost every day, exploring in the woods surrounding us. His intentions of becoming a master Shaman are intensified and focused now, and every night, the two of us sit around his Red Cedar campfire at some point, in prayerful meditations.
As a result of inhaling that delicious smoke, I then come inside and sleep like a log, eager to tackle the beginning of each new day's work, Inspired.

I was asked over two weeks ago, to come and sing one or two hymns in Choctaw, at the Talihina Church of the Nazarene, by my good Christian friend, the pastor Brent. That will be Sunday, October 19, and you can bet one is "Love Lifted Me", my favorite. The other will be the traditional "Rock of Ages".

I have observed Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur also the past ten days, through yesterday, in keeping with my Jewish solidarity and brotherhood, not to mention keeping the Mormons happy.

Ahh, L'Chaim~!
Used within that tradition also to celebrate an engagement of two young lovers.
And that is the other reason I've been away from this keyboard for awhile.

Leticia and I are so wrapped up in planning now, of actual ordering and of acutal down-paymenting of services now-- pay day is tomorrow, and my check is already 2/3 spent.
... it's really gonna happen. Sooner than I can know or realize. Leticia and I will be living here in Yanush, and she has taken over here-- early on, by suggesting I clean out the fireplace, the dryer duct (Who Knew?!), adding water softeners and filters, as well as removing some of the silly crap from my front yard, like the plywood 'lady-bending-over-showing-her-bloomers' plackered and the 'Beware of the Anaconda' sign near the porch.

According to my own schedule, I have dusted this house now through the year 2032, already.

We are buying all new furniture for the place, through a really fine outfit, "Rice's Furniture", in Heavener, Ok., and I'm so excited, anticipating that arrival. Very plush, high quality and durable, colorful too-- all exactly opposite the 1947 model "Early American K-Mart" furniture I've had since I inherited this place in 1993.
And yes, even new carpeting... and I helped!! choose the color: Wall to wall Sea Foam Green.
In a couple of weeks, I begin painting the interior walls which are not raw Cedar plank.
What Leticia wants, Leticia gets afterall.

So danged hard just now to find anything to be 'Malcontent' about these days....!

But as Abouna recently, accidently erred, over on his new blogsite,
I an instead a very "Male content".


Prudie said...

"...not to mention keeping the Mormons happy."


I'm gonna laugh about that all week, I promise.

Well, we have missed you around here. But I can certainly understand that "real life" is too much of a lure to resist! Don't resist, I say. Succumb and enjoy yourself. We'll all be here when you get back.

Psssst. Just make sure, you know, to tell us when you're back.

Have fun! And don't feel guilty about abandoning us! :D

gregor said...

I'm so very happy for you, my friend, life seems to be in that very good and special place these days. Just pop in once in a while and share some of that sunshine and light, The Father knows, we could all use a little these days!

Jungle Mom said...

What fun happenings! Thank goodness Leti is making your remove that stuff from your yard!
No guilt!! but thanks for the shout out!

crazy4danes said...

I am so glad to hear of your total bliss!!!! What better reason not to be blogging on a daily basis than to be out and enjoying life!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I too have been neglecting my blog, but like you have been soaking up every minute with my family and enjoying the new schedule with B in school and me helping out in the classroom!

I'm so glad to hear the wedding plans are coming along and you are enjoying it! It seems that many couples get too caught up in the details and don't have "fun" planning what is to be one of the most memorable and happy days of their lives! I'm so happy for you guys and so glad to hear life is so wonderful!

Chat with you soon and continue to enjoy! :)

Archimandrite Gregori said...

Hey, I like that lady bending over and showing her bloomers (I used to have four of them).

Wow, you are really getting a taste of the married life, and you aren't even married yet.

Glad all is going well. My prayers are with you.