Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Robbin' Hood Is Coming

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I've collected a busload of anti-Barack Obama links during the past 5 months, just awaiting the "Point of No Return", or the "Point of Diminishing Returns", whichever.

With less than two weeks until the election of this creep to the highest office in our land, it may now be time to dump. Considering that after January 20, 2009, all conservative bloggers will be silenced by the Thugocracy to Be,

I'd better share this now.

Barack Obama is a Socialist, and has exposed himself as such, as recently as when he spoke with Joe the Plumber of Toledo, Ohio, expressing his intent to "spread the wealth" to those 'behind him'.

This man has no intention to work to grow more wealth, or encouraging Americans to chase their dreams; instead, Obama intends to bring fairness to everyone, with the backing and the strength of government. Meaning that hard working Americans, whether they work for a salary or a wage, or own their own business or corporation, must subsidize every lazy and every lessor American, in order to be "fair".
Take from the rich and give to the poor, that was the fictional Robin Hood's mantra.
That's a good nickname for Barack Obama:

Robbin' Hood.

This nation was specifically designed to be different from the European colonialist' kingdoms prevelent during that time the Constitution was crafted, in the 18th Century. We were supposed to be unlike them from the beginning.

Because the founding fathers saw a better way for us future generations, way back then.
To the contrary, now, we are striving to become more European, more Socialist, more 'fair to every living being', whilst seeing today how Europe has become entirely bound by their own cords of fairness to economic and international, extra-border interests.

And when America by herself does not stand out, alone as the world's only freedom fighter, we will succumb to needing Mexico and needing Canada and needing Costa Rica and needing Cuba to remain relevant in the world.

Dependent rather than Independant. Social I Zed, rather than Leader, rather than Promoter of individual Freedoms.
I pity the ignorant voters of this nation, who will vote and elect Barack Obama to the Presidency.
For they will be sorely and severly surprised when they see what happens to this country.... and I will personally take action against them if I learn they voted to kill my nation, too.
Heh, blame my 101.4° fever and chills...
Barney Frank talks lustfully about raising taxes for the rich. Joe Biden warns that other nations will challenge the new Obama administration, "within six months, guaranteed." Obama himself warns that Israel will not enjoy the same American support as she has in the past.
The Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac fiascos are due to Democratic allowances from the Clinton administration, and to Frank Somebody, another Obama associate. And to ACORN, which Obama has his fingerprints all over previously.

This economic meltdown is orchastrated by the Democrats, allowed by them, only to regain power.
that is disgusting, and irresponsible.

Two years away, 2010, are the next congressional elections, when Americans can again show their revulsion their disgust, unless elections are abolished by the Socialists by that time.

And honestly, I now look forward to the coming Second Civil War, to save my nation.

EXcuse me, I've got to close quickly-- I hear Jackboots coming toward my door.


Father Gregori said...

Unlike you, I do NOT "I pity the ignorant voters of this nation, who will vote and elect Barack Obama to the Presidency." I don't pity them because they will be getting exactly what they deserve, instead, I pity those like us who will have to endure Obama and his leftist liberal cohorts.

I also will personally take action against them if I learn they voted to kill my nation, too, and that is not any fever or mental deficiency talking, it is the mind of a true patriot and freedom loving, non-politically correct, soldier of Jesus Christ, American speaking.

Jungle Mom said...

Watch out for those jack boots! they usually involve pistol whippings which i know from experience. This experience was gained while living under another socialist!

The Localmalcontent said...

JMom, I hope that you are only kidding about the pistol whippings being from experience.

Jungle Mom said...

Not to my person, but I have seen it applied to others.